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Let us introduce ourselves!

Have you just returned from Ukraine, and have more questions than the answers?

Or are you planning the trip to Ukraine, thinking about the possible business in Ukraine, and looking for the comprehensive and reliable information about our country?

Here you are – an inquisitive person who is interested in different cultures!

Nice to meet you! Hello, glad to see you again! When are you leaving? We will meet you!

We have arranged a lot of trips to Ukraine. Our clients are people from the different countries, tourists and businessmen planning to start their business in Ukraine. You have a business trip as an employee of the international company, business owner, organizer or participant of the seminar, conference and exhibition, inventor of the unique production, mass media representative or typical traveler... "Ukraine" is terra іncognіta for many of you, it is a country appeared in post-Soviet space and a trip to which is a real challenge. We are happy to meet everybody. Our communication made us think and understand ourselves as a part of the young country, inspire to take efforts to adequately represent Ukraine in the world.

You would like to find out as much as possible about Ukraine, you make inquiries, search, read and sort out. This site is an answer to the unasked questions and for us it is a possibility to communicate with the people whom we have already made friends with and with you whom we will meet in future.

Your positive feedback about your trip to Ukraine, about the business in Ukraine and possibly about overcoming the existing stereotypes about Ukrainians will be the highest reward for us.

Please find the map of Ukraine, review of the hotels and restaurants, information about the possibilities to make business in Ukraine and about the interesting places in Ukraine which are worth to visit. We guess the information for the tourists will be useful for everyone who is planning to visit Ukraine. And the most popular questions about the traditions, events, religion, language. Please have a look at the photos of the Ukrainian cities and places which you possibly would like to visit next time.

Developing the website we wanted to avoid officialism and expressive promises. We offer you the information which can be useful if you are planning a trip to Ukraine as a tourist or if you wish to organize business in Ukraine. Down with the clichés and slogans, restraint of etiquette and conventions which make boundaries. Do you need the reliable information about our country or real help during your staying in Ukraine? We will be happy if these pages are helpful and interesting for you. If you still have any questions – contact us.

Make yourself comfortable! Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? Be ready to the pleasant trip! Imagine you are leaving to visit your friends who are waiting for you. You can rely on our help in the country which won’t make you disappointed.

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