Business Possibilities in Ukraine

Busіness Possіbіlіtіes іn Ukraіne

According to the information of the State Statistical Service, last year the foreigners invested almost 6 billion dollars into business in Ukraine. It is 6.2% higher than previous year. However, despite such positive numbers the question of conducting business in Ukraine is still open for many potential investors. We are still the country with the high risk and we are only at the 74th position in Political Risk Atlas, next to East Timor and Burkina Faso. So what are the possibilities for business in Ukraine? Is it worth to invest money into the economy of our country?



Legal Issues of Business in Ukraine

Legal issues of business in Ukraine

If you are planning to establish a company in Ukraine, open a branch or representative office in Ukraine, you should be certain in appropriate understanding of Ukrainian legislation, its traditional practices and customs. You also must be assured in the decency and honest intentions of your partners, employees and assistant companies which will accompany you in this complicated process. Let’s consider the legal issues of business in Ukraine, main forms of ownership in Ukraine, and procedure of company registration in Ukraine.



Taxes іn Ukraіne

Taxes іn Ukraіne

Taxation in Ukraine is performed based on the law of Ukraine “On Taxation System”, which specifies the list of fees, taxes, mandatory payments and contributions. Some separate regulatory legal acts specify their amount and procedure of calculations, and also the tax treatment in Ukraine.



Permіssіons to Conduct Busіness Actіvіtіes in Ukraіne

Permіssіons to conduct busіness activity іn Ukraіne

Before starting business activity in Ukraine find out if your activity is subject to obtain the permissions to conduct business activity in Ukraine, certificates and licenses. If you need to have licenses, certificates, permissions to conduct business activity in Ukraine start to obtain them right after state registration of your company in Ukraine.



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