Permіssіons to conduct busіness activity іn Ukraіne

Before starting business activity in Ukraine find out if your activity is subject to obtain the permissions to conduct business activity in Ukraine, certificates and licenses. If you need to have licenses, certificates, permissions to conduct business activity in Ukraine start to obtain them right after state registration of your company in Ukraine.


Permissions to conduct business activity in Ukraine

Licenses to conduct business activity in Ukraine

There are 68 types of economic activity in Ukraine subject to mandatory licensing. Based on the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing of Certain Types of Economic Activity” the licensed types of business activity in Ukraine include production and service of arms and ammunition, explosive substances and materials, mineral exploration, extraction of uranium ores, precious metals and precious stones and production of articles with them, production, wholesale and retail trade of medicines and veterinary products, production of pesticides and agricultural chemicals, operations with the special-purpose technical appliances for taking information from communication channels, providing services in the sphere of cryptographic protection of information, and holographic protective elements, systems of technical protection of information, production of forms of securities, transportation of oil and gas, centralized water supply, cultivation and utilization of plants, containing drugs, medical practice, veterinary practice, organization and maintenance of totalizators, gambling houses, building activity, transportation of the passengers and cargoes by the air, sea, river, railway and motor transport and taxi, processing of nonferrous metals, ferrous materials and precious metals and stones, storing of certain types of secondary raw materials and dangerous waste products, maintenance of fire-control systems, services in guarding, performing topography-and-geodesic and cartographic works, postal services, tourist services, sport activities, arbitration activities, employment, activity in the equity market, land appraisal works, industrial fishing, activity of a customs broker and customs carrier, production of laser read systems, production of certain kinds of perfumery, production of genetic resources, seeds trade, professional provision of the social services, trade of alcohol and tobacco products.

Permissions to conduct business activity in Ukraine

If you wish to review the full text or the extracts from the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing of Certain Types of Economic Activity” or any other Ukrainian law in your languag, contact us! If we do not have the required document in our database we will translate it for you!

The law specifies the existence of the license provisions and their observance. You will be given the list of the documents which you have to provide to obtain a license in Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine specifies the authority which inspects the documents, collects the duties and issues the license. Depending on the activity they include: Ministry of Agricultural Policy, the Council of Ministers and municipal state administrations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Minister of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Finance, State Customs Service and others. To review the full list of the authorities and licenses they issue see the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1698 dated November 14, 2000 (you can receive the complete text or the extracts in your language contacting us).

Permissions to conduct business activity in Ukraine

Except the licenses to conduct business activity in Ukraine you may need to obtain the permissions to conduct business activity in Ukraine. The list of the permissions is long enough. The main permissions are issued by the following authorities:

01sanitary and epidemic service – such permissions are necessary to assign the building plots, to perform the construction and reconstruction works, to commission the objects, to design, manufacture and use the equipment and new technologies. The mandatory certification is specified for the alimentary raw materials, food products, materials and equipment used at time of its production.

02fire safety authorities issue the permissions at time of inspection of the project documentation for construction, authorizations to proceed and to rent the premises, quality certificates for fire engineering and certificates of safe employment of equipment, permissions to manufacture the fire-fighting equipment, the approvals of the technical regulations for fire safety requirements.

03labor authorities issue the approvals for the working documentation compliance to the norms and regulation of labor safety at time of construction, reconstruction or technical modernization, permissions for the equipment commissioning.

Certificates to conduct business activity in Ukraine

We also have a well-developed system of certification. Specifically it relates to the certification and approvals for the food products, medicines, quality and conformance certificates, approvals of the standardization and certification committees of Ukraine.

Protection of intellectual property rights, patents in Ukraine

You should remember that in Ukraine we have a system of protection of intellectual property rights. If you wish to protect your invention, trademark, logo, name or any other object of the intellectual property, you can contact the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property (Ukrpatent). See the English version of the website of the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property (Ukrpatent).

We are sure that now you have even more questions than you had before reading this article. If it is true – send us a message and tell about your situation. We will give you detailed explanations concerning your activity in Ukraine.

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