Donetsk? “Shakhtar” – champion?”

It is a usual reaction for the people living in Donetsk and not only in Ukraine. Indeed, today the people living in Donetsk are recognized due to their local football team, which won the UEFA Cup. By the way “Shakhtar” is among three post-Soviet teams, which won this title.



Donetsk – young and ambitious

Donetsk looks like a young and ambitious businessman or sportsman. We guess it is understandable why young – everybody will understand that this city has no long history, like the history of Odessa, Kharkov, Lvov. There are no famous monuments of architecture in Donetsk (except a few houses built in the beginning of the 20th century and pompous and formal samples of Stalin time). However, this grandiose, industrial, noisy and energetic city has its own atmosphere. You could not but feel it. The people living in Donetsk who inherited no historical monuments decorate their city creatively with a lot of cozy and pleasant places which are worth to visit. The great example is the embankment of Kalmius river!

Firstly, it is impossible to get lost in Donetsk. Even if you wish to. Why? – the amazed guests of this hospitable city usually ask us. The system of the street, avenue, alley intersections and everything that is considered to be the arteries of any settlement, its topographic business card, is arranged very simply. If to look at Donetsk from the bird-eye view, you would see a very clear scheme with the parallel and perpendicular lines. Everything is easy and clear. There are no street tangles, blind alleys, serpentine roads or labyrinths. May be it is not very interesting. However, you would feel yourself comfortable if you need to move or would like to walk around the city. Welcome to the one of the most understandable cities in the world!


Secondly, Donetsk is a very clean city despite its status of the industrial heart of Ukraine. This city is very green too. May be you heard about the city with a million of roses? Then you are lucky! It is not a metaphor and not a line from the famous song. Donetsk received this title of honor in the 80’s of the last century. Nowadays the authorities did their best to return this original title to the city. A million of flowering roses is waiting for you!

Thirdly, there is a new and rather young but very famous European sport arena in Donetsk which is called “Donbass-Arena”. All the guests of this young and sport city are eager to visit this place. It does not matter if they have any relation to the sport or to football, if they are fans of “Shakhtar” or of the national sport team. Everybody wants to see this real architectural sport miracle, which is located in the heart of Donetsk like a nest of a giant bird. “Donbass-Arena” is a favorite place of the students, the newly married couples and visiting stars. You could order there an excursion – individual or group one – and feel yourself a real football star!

Everything in Donetsk is filled with the football atmosphere. Every match conducted here turns to be a city celebration, and every celebration is decorated with the orange and black colors – the favorite colors of the beloved and the oldest football team not only in Donetsk but in Ukraine too.

Population of Donetsk: 978 thousand people.

The main feature of Donetsk economy is the diversified industry, developed transport and financial management of the city. Metallurgy, coal and chemical (including by-product-coking) industry and heavy engineering are prevailing, though almost all the industries are represented here.

The famous enterprises of Donetsk: Donetsk metallurgical plant, “AVK” confectionary plant, “Nord” Group (production of refrigerators), “Topaz” plant (the developer of Kolchuga radio intelligence complex), many mines, and Sarmat brewery, Hercules plant, Konti and AVK confectionary producing plants, which are famous not only in Ukraine but all over the world.

Donetsk region is mostly agricultural.

Distance to Kiev: 730 km. It takes 1 hour 25 minutes to get to Kiev from Donetsk by airplane (from the modern international Donetsk airport); you can also take an overnight train or to get there by car.

Today Donetsk has 254 cultural property sites. There are 11 movie theaters, 140 museums (and museum rooms), 368 libraries, 53 culture centers and clubs.

The places which are worth of visiting in Donetsk: Donetsk park with forged figures (founded in 2001 – a place of annual International festival of blacksmith's art; the best works are left in the park to decorate the city), “Fairy Clearing” located nearby with the figures of the fairy characters shaped out of wood (from the lime tree and hornbeam), central recreational park named after Scherbakov, botanic garden, a lot of fountains and small public gardens, the cemetery of the German war prisoners (1750 reburials carried out in 2003), a monument to John James Hughes, a Welsh engineer who founded the local metallurgic plant and the town of Yuzovka (Donetsk) in 1872. Hughes’ tumble-down house is located in Donetsk.

Hotels in Donetsk: Donbass Palace, Victoria, Prague, Ramada, Aurora (send an order).

Restaurants in Donetsk with Ukrainian cuisine: Village, Yo-moye, Pervach, Okolitsa.

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