It is not know when this city was exactly founded, even concerning the name of this city - Kharkov (Kharkiv) – the scientists have 13 versions! One thing is known for sure – in 1630 a settlement was built in the territory of modern Kharkov (Kharkiv) – at that time a wooden fortress was located there. This city became the center of the province (region) in the middle of the 18th century. Gradually it turned into the commercial and trade center and later into the industrial center with many plants and fabrics. In the middle of the 19th century there were more than 70 industrial facilities in Kharkov! Starting from the end of the 19th century the regular transport passenger and post service was arranged from Kharkov to Moscow by stage-coaches and railway. There was the locomotive works in the city. And even nowadays this city is more industrial and scientific center than historical and cultural city.


Today Kharkov is the second mostly populated city (1.45 million people) compared to the capital. It is a scientific, industrial, transport and student center of the country. Distance from Kiev to Kharkov is 1 hour 50 minutes by the airplane, or 483 km by the highway. You can also get from Kiev to Kharkov by the high-speed train – it takes 6 hours to get there.

The interesting fact from Kharkov history: after the October Revolution when Ukraine jointed the Soviet Union in 1919 Kharkov was the first capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic till 1934. It allowed the quick and heavy growth of the city both in the industry and population, science and culture. And what about Kiev? Kiev remained the capital of the Ukrainian National Republic, independent autonomy keeping its federative connections with Russia. Generally speaking history of Ukraine is filled with mysteries and discoveries which would surprise descendants for years to come...

It should be noted that Kharkov could hardly be called a tourist city. However, it does not mean that there is nothing to see. Foreign business tourists like this city as it has a lot of young people and green trees. If you decide to visit Ukrainian cities Kharkov should be one of your destinations!

Kharkov visitors can enjoy the Southern Station with a small but cosy square which is loved by hundreds of bold and self-assured pigeons, which are not afraid to take sunflower seeds right from the palms. Not long ago the main surprise of the Southern Station became a trumpet player, who settled in the clock and everyday exactly at 12:00 am plays the fragments from the different classic musical compositions. If you arrive in Kharkov at night, enjoy the illuminated fountains located not far from the station. If we start talking about the fountains we should mention the one near Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre: it is the legendary Mirror Jet which shines at night with all the colors of the rainbow. The most beautiful fountain is the Cascade. You should see it for sure!

The Freedom Square is the largest one in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. There is a monument to Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the world proletariat, in the center of the square. This monument if left in Kharkov since the Soviet epoch. Behind the monument there is a huge building of Derzhprom or Gosprom (the House of the State Industry), built in 1925-28 as a first in the country modern high-rise building.

Derzhprom in Kharkov

The building of Derzhprom was built in Kharkov by the project of Leningrad architects Sergey Serafimov, Samuil Kravets and Mark Felger. It was constructed in the style of international constructivism, it has industrial shape and rational elements. The building has a high aesthetic potential and functionality. Its construction is compared with “communication jump”. In 1920 this kind of architecture was new not only in Europe but in the whole world. We would like to tell a few interesting facts to assess the dimensions and greatness of this building. Derzhprom consists of 3 big buildings. Anri Barbus street and Romen Rolan street goes between them. The length of the bridge crossings over Kharkov streets is 26 meters. Just imagine: Derzhprom volume is 347,000 m2, material of structure is in situ reinforced concrete. At time of construction about 1,315 wagons of cement were used, 9,000 tons of metal, 3,700 wagons of granite and 40,000 m2 of glass were delivered to the building area. The building has 4,500 windows, the area of the outside glass cover is 17 hectares. Derzhprom is considered to be the symbol of Kharkov, as a quintessence of industrialization, modernity and immensity. Maxim Gorky, Theodore Dreiser, Oles Gonchar, Henri Barbus and many other writers mentioned the greatness of this architectural and design creation.

The other famous Kharkov monuments include Annunciation Cathedral (built in 1901), bell tower of Uspensky Cathedral (built in 1844), Uspensky Cathedral – the pride of Kharkov. And the huge thermometer in the Constitution Square, the place of the meetings. There is a public garden with the scenic view point opposite the bell tower of Uspensky Cathedral and Svyato-Pokrovsky Cathedral with the golden domes.

Kharkov is rich with the monuments and historical architectural structures. They include 16-meter monument to Taras Shevchenko, monument to the Soldier-Liberator, monument to Yaroslav the Wise and many others.

You can spend a good time in Kharkov as there are many museums and theaters. We advice you to visit Berezil Theater founded in 1922 by the famous stage director-innovator Les Kurbas.

A lot of plants and factories work in Kharkov (Kharkiv). Today it is one of the main business centers of Ukraine. This city was chosen to conduct one of the stages of the 2012 European Football Championship.

If you decide to start business in Kharkov, you should remember that you can rent premises with utility lines at acceptable price. And you will have no problems with the qualified personnel here: there are a lot of educational institutions and young people. And there are even more qualified specialists with the experience of working at the large plants and at the defensive complex.

Hotels in Kharkov: Kharkov, Park-Hotel, Gostinny Dvir, Aurora, Mir, Victoria (to send a request).

Restaurants in Kharkov with Ukrainian cuisine: Dikanka, Gospodskoye Selo, Dvor, Pech.

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