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Modern Kiev (Kyiv) is one of the largest cities in Europe. It is an administrative, political and economic center of Ukraine. Government facilities, Ukrainian Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, foreign embassies, foreign representative offices, head offices of the international non-governmental organizations, associations and multinational institutions are located in Kiev. Kiev is not only the business activity center for the Ukrainian enterprises; it is also the place where a lot of international events, conferences, exhibitions, show and sport events are held. Kiev was chosen the capital of the European football Championship which will be held in 2012 (Euro-2012).

Business Kiev

Kiev is a main center of science and education. Academy of Science of Ukraine, scientific-research institutes and many institutions of the higher and general education are located here. There are 350 schools, 100 lyceums (high schools) and 70 institutions of the higher education (including 2 most prestigious education institutions of Ukraine – Taras Shevchenko National University and National Technical University of Ukraine) in Kiev. Read about the education in Ukraine in our web site.

Kiev is a large industrial center of the country. Food industry, light industry, mechanical engineering, aircraft building, metallurgy and pharmaceutical industry are presented here. The largest enterprises are Kiev vitamin plant, Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa, jewelry plant, shipyard, mechanical plant, champagne factory and many other large enterprises.

Kiev has a developed transport system. There are Borispol international passenger airport (which is being reconstructed at present to increase passenger flow) and Zhulyany airport, freight airports, a few railway stations, 9 highways, river port and subway in Kiev.

Kiev has all possibilities for business tourism. There are a lot of business centers and shopping and entertainment malls operating at the European level, which are located at different city districts. Rental rates for office and commercial premises are higher in the center. Therefore there is a tendency to rent the office and warehouse premises out of the city. According to the expert analysis the portion of the foreign lessees which lease the office premises in Kiev was 76% in 2010 (http://busііev-real-estate-news-11). See the map with business centers in Kiev at Kiev office property portal. Average price to buy the office property at Kiev secondary market in summer 2011 was $2100 per m2 (the highest prices are in Pechersky district – $3300 per m2). Average price to lease the office premises in the center of Kiev was $40 per m2 in 2011. The price for commercial premises at shopping and entertainment malls varies from $20 to $60 per m2.

Kiev also has a network of the office premises working on a turnkey basis (Regus Group, Virtualny Office). It is really useful if you do not spend all time in Ukraine or often leave for business trips. This system provides a helpful rental service of equipped, mobile or virtual offices with a secretary, and assigns a legal and mail address. You can choose the way how to use the premises when it is really necessary and pay only for the time spent there. These offices have everything necessary to work in: furniture, office equipment, Internet, telephone, office accessories and even coffee. You can also lease the conference rooms.

Experts consider Kiev to rank first in Ukraine based on the index of human resources development (duration of life, education, wellbeing, living conditions, employment market). You will have no problem to find qualified and experienced employees here.

There are 150 hotels in Kiev, including five-star ones. The most prestigious hotels are Premier Palace (http://www.premі, Intercontinental www.іntercontіnental-kі, Kiev Hyatt Regency (www.kі, Opera ( If you would like to live in the center of the city choose Dnipro Hotel (www.dnі, Khreschatіk (www.khreschatіk.kі, Ukraine (www.ukraіne-hotel.kі or Kiev (www.htl.kі See more information about Kiev and Ukrainian hotels at our web site.

There are several exhibition centers in Kiev (Kyiv) working at the international level. The international exhibitions, shows and conferences are held there all year round. The main exhibition centers include KievExpoPlaza, Kiev International Exhibition Center, National Expocenter of Ukraine, ACCO Іnternatіonal. The international conferences can be also held at Kiev stadiums (Dinamo, Olympic) and at Kiev Sport Palace, which can take more than 10 000 visitors after the reconstruction.

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