Chernigov (Chernihiv) is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. The first records of this city are dated by the beginning of the 10th century. Since 1024 till 1036 this city was even the capital of Kievan Rus! Today Chernigov is one the most beautiful cities of our country. There you can visit a lot of monuments of architecture and history. Here one fourth of all Ukrainian landmarks of the period previous to Tartar Mongol Yoke are located. The history of Kievan Rus and the Principality of Chernigov was written here. The names of the outstanding historical personalities (Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich (1054-1073), the son of Yaroslav, the Wise, Vladimir Monomakh (1076-1094), the hero of The Song of Igor's Campaign – Igor Svyatoslavovich) are connected with the history of this city. This city survived the siege of the Tartar Mongol forces of Batu Khan (1239). Polish forces (1320), Kiev Princes (1340) fought to conquer this city. In the 11th century Lithuania conquered Chernigov, and later it belonged to Muscovy and in the beginning of the 17th century to Poland.

It left its impact on Chernigov architecture, the city has its own spirit and color. There are a lot of public gardens, parks and rest areas in the city. The air of Chernigov is considered to be the cleanest in Ukraine.


The main square of Chernigov is Krasnaya (Red) (it is closed for the cars passage since 6 p.m.), it was built in the 18th – 19th century. It is very spacious and much older than Moscow Red Square. Start your walk with the administrative center of Chernigov, which is remained as it was many years ago – it is the oldest part of the city. The most interesting museums and monuments of Chernigov are located there. You should see Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral (Spassky Cathedral) in the prince yard (the old rampart), one of the oldest cathedrals left in the territory of our country. It was built in 1031 by the son of St Vladimir, the Baptizer of Rus. The cathedral is built in the style of the Old Russian and Byzantine architecture. Later it became the table-tomb of Chernigov princes. The walls of cathedral were decorated by the fresco painting, the remains exist even today. The ceiling is decorated by the ornaments and mosaic. Today the cathedral is a part of the National reserve Old Chernigov.

We recommend you to visit Borisoglebsky cathedral, located nearby (12th century, Chernigov, Preobrazhenskaya st. 1, tel.: +38 (0462) 60-86-03, 27-01-45). Today it is a Museum of Architecture, Detinets (rampart) – the old center of the city. There 12 bastion guns of the 17th century are located. They considered being the landmark of the city. Visit the complex of Troitsko-Ilinsky monastery and the most interesting old Ilinsky monastery (Chernigov, Uspenskogo st. 33, tel.: +38 (0462) 64-31-89, working hours from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). It is the oldest sacred thing of Chernigov built in 1069 by Antony Pechersky, the founder of Kiev Pechersk Lavra. There is a church of Theodosius in its territory – it is the largest underground church in the country, and the Cave of Ghosts – one of the first underground cathedrals remain till nowadays. We recommend you to order the excursion to get to know a lot of interesting things.

We also recommend you to visit Chernigov Troitsky Cathedral, Catherine Church, Pyatnitskaya Church (the Church of St. Paraskeva) of the 12th century, Eletsky monastery. Chernigov is considered to be the city of cathedrals and temples. There are a lot of pilgrims at time of religious holidays.

How to get to Chernigov

Distance from Kiev to Chernigov is 140 km (E-95 highway). You can get there by car or by bus. You also can get there by the railway. It is better to choose 2-day or even 3-day tour uniting it with the traveling to Baturin і Sednev.

Economy of Chernigov (Chernihiv): food industry, wool processing, Chemical industry, wood processing and bus manufacture, musical instruments factory, brick plant, printing fabrics.

Famous people of Chernigov: Famous Ukrainian Hetman Pavel Polubotok was born in Chernigov. The famous dynasty of Plisetsky-Messerer is originated from Chernigov (a famous ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya belongs to this family). Mikhail Kotsyubinsky was the educational leader in Chernigov. The famous military leaders were born in Chernigov: Valiisky, the officer of the Army of the Ukrainian People's Republic, colonel Ardahsev, Ganzha, the division commander of the field forces of the Ukrainian People's Republic, Naumenko, colonel of the Army of the Ukrainian People's Republic. Nine famous astronauts studied in Chernigov Air Force Academy (including Titov, Popov, Kizim).
The famous Ukrainian poet Pavel Tychina and composer and choral director Grigory Verevka were born in Chernigov region.

Hotels in Chernigov: Ukraine, Zolotoy Bereg, Gradetsky.

Restaurants in Chernigov with Ukrainian cuisine: Zolotoy Bereg, Kolyba.

Festivals of Chernigov (Chernihiv): in June the Festival of aerostatic balloons and hot-air balloons is conducted in Chernigov “Uletny Chernigov", International Festival of Photography ChernіgovPhotoFest, in October the Musical Festival Chernіgov Jazz Open, in July 2-day Rock-Festival Chernіgov Rock-Club Fest.

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