Odessa is a wonderful port city located at the Black sea coast. Its population is 1,007,000 people and it is the third largest city in the country. It is not only the large industrial and scientific center but also a very beautiful city which we advice you to visit to enjoy the spirit of romantic elegance.

Distance from Kiev to Odessa is 443 km (655 km by railway and 466 km by highway), or 1 hour 10 minutes by airplane.


Odessa was founded by the order of Catherine II, Empress of Russia in summer of 1794. In the 19th century it started to develop as a trade port, a key city to export the grains. The history of Odessa was not simple. Within one century Odessa turned from a modest town into the forth largest city in the imperial Russia after Moscow, Petersburg and Warsaw!

Outstanding personalities of the world history and world-famous men played an important role in Odessa foundation – a military man José de Ribas (Spanish by origin), the author of the idea to start a city (the main street of the city is named after him – Deribasovskaya street) and French Duke de Richelieu, the important person in the history of Odessa development appointed by Alexander І to be the city administrator who is really respected by Odessa inhabitants even today.

If to speak about architecture the first place goes to Odessa Opera Theater built in the style of Viennese Baroque. It is equal to the best constructions in Europe by its design and engineering solution. This theater saw the composers Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Rakhmaninov on its stage. Its walls heard the unique singing of Caruso, Shalyapin, Krushelnitskaya, Nezhdanova, Sobinov. Anna Pavlov and Isadora Duncan came to dance there.

The Potemkin Stairs is a very interesting place concerning the tourist attraction and history learning. It connects the center of the city with the Sea Port Passenger Terminal in Odessa. Prince Vorontsov ordered to build this stairway in 1825 as a gift to his wife. This stairway became the most popular due to ‘Battleship Potemkin’ film by Eisenstein (1925). The famous writers Mark Twain, Alexander Green, Jules Verne, Korney Chukovsky were amazed with the size of the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa.

Near the Potemkin Stairs there is Odessa funicular, which unites Primorsky boulevard and Primorskaya street.

Odessa has a specific color of the Jewish city (12.4% of Jewish population lives there by the statistical data) which creates an incomparable atmosphere, famous dialect and sense of humor of Odessa people. There is a museum of the Jewish history Migdal-Shorashim in Nezhinskaya street (working from 1:00 p.m. till 7 p.m. except Friday, Saturday and Jewish holidays, on Sunday from 10:00 a.m., till 4:00 p.m.).

It is worth to walk around the famous in Ukraine Odessa Privoz Market, which is one of the architectural monuments of the 19th century – it was built in 1827. Here you can completely understand the real character of Odessa and always optimistic mood of its population. If you speak Russian you will enjoy the local humor and perception of reality reading local ads and sinking into the process of commodities exchange. Many outstanding Russian personalities, writers, poets, artists and actors admired Odessa – they came there not only to live but to create!!! In the first records of Odessa in 1795 (when the city turned one year old only) it was said about the city which would resemble French Cherbourg! Today you can meet there the grandiosely dressed old ladies and eccentric young people, as a reminder that Odessa fame, as a city filled with the special romantic and refined spirit, has been still remained here.

There is a special atmosphere at one of the largest Eastern European markets "Seventh Kilometer Market” in Odessa where the sellers deal shortly with the buyers, mostly they sell wholesale and do not let to try on the goods in case of discount. The market is so large that only ‘masters’ can run it around during one day using already established and tested routes. About 25,000 people work at the market and it strikes... This Odessa market does not prevent owners to open the special, created with love and creatively decorated by the designers fashion shops where you would enjoy shopping.

Odessa population increases by 500,000 people due to temporary employees and tourists at time of holiday season. Restaurants and stores profit also increases by dozens of percents.

In summer Odessa turned from the industrial center of the country into the resort-city, which attracts thousands of tourists by its golden sand beaches, mild climate, warm sea, health SPA resorts and unique color. The foreigners like this local resort color with its coast bars, night clubs, walks before daylight and romantic adventures. Everybody will find an adventure which they like – both at daytime and at night - recreational facilities, shows, health improving Turkish and Russian bathes and even Koblevo Aqua Park! You can find the entertainment and cultural events guide at the website of Odessa directory service «What? Where? How much?», or by telephone: 738-08-08.

By Ukrainian Forbes data there are only 13 m2 of the high-class office space per 1,000 people in Odessa compared to Kiev where this index is 406 m2. Development of business centers and recreation centers construction is a matter for the future. According to the experts opinion the main directions for investments here are the development of restaurants, tourist and hotel industry, art and trade. You can benefit from 2 ports located near Odessa – Ilichevsk and Yuzhny.

Famous place worth to visit in Odessa: Opera Theater, Potemkin Stairs, Deribasovskaya street, Richelieu monument, Primorsky boulevard and the cannon-monument at the boulevard, city garden, Odessa catacombs, Preobrazhensky cathedral, Svyato-Uspensky monastery, archeological museum, house museum of Rerikh, Aleksandrovsky avenue, colonnade of Vorontsov Palace, the house-wall, Philharmonic Hall, museum of the Jewish history in Odessa.

Hotels in Odessa: Continental, Tsentralnaya, Ekaterina, Deribas, Promenada, Bristol, (to send a request)

Restaurants in Odessa with Ukrainian cuisine: Alpina-varenichnaya, Pechki da Lavochki, Ukrainskaya sladkoezhka.

There is Uman city half way from Kiev to Odessa by Odessa highway where you can visit dendrological Sophia Park – Sophievka.

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