Ukrainian hotels and restaurants

And so, have you already bought tickets and packed your baggage? Is your route already defined and are you ready to go travelling? The only thing you need to do is to choose a place to stay and to book a hotel. Here we give you a couple of advices about Ukrainian hotels and restaurants.
Ukrainian hotels, from five-star hotels till hostels and apartments, Ukrainian restaurants of ethnic cuisine.

Ukrainian hotels

Ukrainian hotels and restaurants

In big cities and in small towns of Ukraine there is developed system of hotels and other public houses which, as in other countries, have certain number of the stars according to the level of comfort and service. In general, according to the State committee of statistics, in Ukraine there are 1 232 hotels and 3 245 public rest and health-improvement houses.

But in total there are no more then 10 five-star hotels in Ukraine, the most of them is located in Kiev. These are “Premier Palace”, “Hyatt Regency”, “Opera”, “Іntercontіnental” (the most expensive hotel where the price for the room of 300 m2 is about 12 000 euro per day). Among the other five-star hotels of Ukraine there are “Grand Hotel Ukraine” in Dnepropetrovsk, “Donbas Palace” in Donetsk, “Otrada” in Odessa, “Villa Elena” in Yalta...

Among the world famous hotel operators nowadays in Ukraine are represented only “Radisson”, “Hyatt Regency”, “InterContinental” and “Ibis” (Accor group), but taking into consideration the preparation for the main football event of 2012 (Euro 2012), it is possible to expect opening of hotels of such networks as “Hіlton”, “Holіday Іnn”, “Marrіot”. By the way, hotel business development in Ukraine is considered to be one of the most perspective, according to the point of view of investments. It’s known that the number of hotels in Ukraine per capita income is considered to be insufficient, and the most of existing Ukrainian hotels needs reconstruction and updating of funds, and this is why they are not given any one star. Even such capital Ukrainian hotels as “Kiev”, “Dnepr” and “Kreshchatik” which are comfortably located in the centre of the capital and where thanks to a comfortable location foreigners like to stay, need some reconstruction.

Recently in Ukraine appear a lot of comfortable private mini-hotels which have 10-30 rooms. Generally such hotels have all conveniences; they are cost cheaply in comparison with the hotels of Kiev, offer a house meal (or the equipped kitchen) and are located outside of the central part of a city. A lot of such mini-hotels are in small towns, in resort zones of Crimea and Carpathians, at the coast of the Black and Azov seas.

The private mansions and apartments create the high level of competition for the Ukrainian hotels. They become more and more popular – from studios to 3-4 room apartments completely equipped with all necessary for the traveler. Many tourists, being in Kiev, prefer such type of accommodation. Such apartments can be located in different areas of a city (that can be comfortable for travel), they cost less then a hotel room (even apartments in the centre of the city), and besides the tourist falls into cozy house atmosphere that is so missing during business trip. If you have a rest in a private house in holiday resort (particularly in Carpathians) sauna and shashlik from the owner, evening at the fireplace and dishes of house Ukrainian cuisine are guaranteed. Apartments daily rent in Kiev: the company “Rent Kiev”, “Best Kiev Apartment” and a lot of others.

The youth which has chosen an economical variant of travel can easily go to trip, as recently the network of students’ hostels at a reasonable price is extended more widely in Ukraine. We advise you only to plan and reserve in advance such kind of accommodation, 2-3 weeks before the day of your trip! You can choose and book a hostel in Ukraine on the website of The Ukrainian Youth Hostel Association. Besides, on the same site you can find not only cheap hostels in Ukraine, but also cheap Ukrainian hotels almost at the same price.

To get acquainted with the Ukrainian hotels and to book an accommodation:

Hotels in Kiev, which our clients advised to their colleagues for an excellent quality-price ratio: “Riviera” (www.rіvі, “Attache” (, “Borisfen” (, “Gostepriimstvo” (+38 (044) 593-73-77, Kiev, 26 St. General Zhmachenka), “The Seventh sky” (www.7sky.kі, hotel on water “Dneprovskiy” (www.dneprovskі

The most popular among the gests of Ukraine are also “Bakkara Art-hotel”, which is situated on water in Hydro park in Kiev. “Bakkara” is a part of the business hotel network “Accord Hotels” of a medium level. Main advantages of this network are business service orientation and professional approach during the organization and realization of different events.

Ukrainian restaurants

Ukrainian hotels and restaurants

Even the most competent gourmets can find a restaurant to their taste in Ukraine, wherever they are. Treat and feed is our national kind of sport. Even if you don’t like Ukrainian cuisine (although we haven’t met such persons yet), you can always find liking place. Trying to satisfy the clients as much as possible the Ukrainian restaurants, bars and cafe owners do all the best. We have also French and Italian cuisine, and even Asian one. It’s difficult to imagine whose cuisines are not represented in Ukraine. Ukrainian restaurants differ by style, design, culinary and atmosphere. And in addition to each dish you will also receive a part of Ukrainian heart, hospitality and national color.

If you want to fall down into the atmosphere of Ukrainian life, we advise you to visit the stylized restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine. Our clients remained satisfied with visiting of restaurant “Pervak” in the centre of Kiev: it is tasty, colorful and cheerful! First of all you should choose an interior in which you would like to spend some hours of your rest, and then start choosing of dishes. “Kreschatik”, “Bessarabka”, “Lypky”, “Library”, or “Drinkable pharmacy” – in which area of Kiev would you like to go just now? You may lose the way (when you will go there or when you will come back) so – take a map!

Also – “Tsarskoe Selo”, a place which it is possible to name restaurant-museum without any doubt, here you can have a breakfast and at the same time visit a water-mill, a country loft with a straw roof and a medieval castle! And if you are an ex-Soviet Union inhabitant and feel nostalgia on “those” times – welcome to an open terrace which has the same name “The USSR”. Here preparation of the dishes goes according to the ancient recipes of Ukrainian cuisine with saving of the ancient names. Even if you are an innovative style lover you will like this place anyway, because lard in chocolate you absolutely wouldn’t be offered anywhere in the world, except Ukraine!

Also we can advise such the Ukrainian cuisine restaurants in Kiev as “Uley” (Kiev, 44А, Krasnoarmeyskaya street, +38 044 230-26-42), “Kabak” (Kiev, 28B, Lesi Ukrainki Ave., +38 044 285 57 77), “Khatynka” (www.hatі, “Hutorok” (Kiev, Naberezhno-Kreshchatitskaya street, terminal №1, +38 044 463-70-19), “Kosatska utikha” (www.korchma.kі We recommend you to visit each restaurant and to taste different dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.

You can also choose one of the restaurants of a famous Ukrainian restaurant network “Mirovaya karta” (restaurants of the Ukrainian, Mexican, Georgian, Irish, Japanese, Italian, French, Uzbek cuisines). The Irish pub-restaurant “Golden Gate” is the one of this network and it is very popular among the foreigners.

Another large restaurant network is “Kozyrnaya Karta”. Restaurants of this network offer 19 cuisines of the world to choose from, including Ukrainian cuisine. Besides expensive luxurious restaurants for gourmets you can also have a good dinner on the road, making a visit into one of the auto-grills “Myslyvets” located on the highways of Ukraine. The prices there are many times cheaper than in Kiev.

To be more guided within the sea of the Ukrainian restaurants in different cities of the country, you can use next sites:

One comment: in Kiev Podol area the restaurants have the highest prices. The further from the capital centre the Ukrainian restaurants are cheaper. And for the same menu in the cities of periphery you will pay a half of the Kiev price. We love tasty travelling all over Ukraine!

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