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Of course, everybody, who plans long-distance trip to the unknown country, is interested in the transport and, to be more precise, the travel around the country, especially speaking about visiting some cities or regions.

It is necessary to know the following about transport in Ukraine: there is vary developed transport system which provides communications of big cities of the regional value with nearby small towns and villages, and also communications of the regional centers with the capital and among themselves. In Ukraine we have railway and air transport, steam navigation, numerous bus services, that’s why it’s not a problem to get from one city to another. The only question is: what comfort class you would like to get?

Transport in Ukraine

If you save your time and prefer comfort you can use services of the Ukrainian airlines which have very developed network. About 20 airports of the international value and a considerable quantity of the airports of local value accept about 6 100 000 passengers per year. Borispol, Simferopol and Odessa became leaders of volumes of passenger traffic among other airports in 2010.

The Ukrainian railway

In 1861 it was built the first Ukrainian railway Lvov-Peremyshl, with a length only 97.6 kilometers. 150 years have passed and today the Ukrainian railway is the most popular kind of transportations without which it is impossible to imagine our life. It is rather economical, fast and reliable type of transport in Ukraine. It is necessary to distinguish electric trains of regional value which connect the regional centers with suburbs from passenger trains which pass distances from 450 km and more, and the most of them are the night trains. High-speed trains pass 500 km distance for 5 hours. There are carriages of different classes: the cheapest and less comfortable – second-class sleeping carriage of the general using, and also compartment carriage for 4 persons, and sleepers for 2 persons, the most comfortable with soft seats-beds and TV. Bedclothes price is included in ticket price, but food is paid separately. All international trains include a restaurants-carriage where you can have a breakfast or a dinner. Some carriages are equipped with special accessories for disabled people.

Last time V.I.P carriages for 7-11 passengers become more and more popular. There is a kitchen of private using where you can prepare some food, a conference hall, a restroom with a double bed, an office with a desk, a shower and a bathroom. Also the carriage has air conditioners and all necessary household appliances. Conductors of these carriages are carefully prepared and have passed special training in passenger’s service. It is possible to order such carriage some hours before the train departure if you travelling within Ukraine. In the case of international trip, you need to make a reservation some days before the trip. The train tickets can be received in advance booking offices, or by ordering them through the Internet.

Taxi and buses in Ukraine

Bus routes can be interesting for groups of tourists, and also if you want to combine business trip with tourism. But such type of transport will not be good for comfort lovers, as the majority of bus parks are completed with old and not suitable for long distance travel buses. Last time night trips in modern comfortable buses which belong to the private companies become very popular. On the board you will be offered tea or coffee, and also you can see a film for passing time quickly. You can also rent a bus with the driver, and if necessary with a guide or a translator. As in any other European country, besides traveling by bus you can rent a car in Ukraine of a different class, both with the driver, and without one. If you haven't found the company where you can rent a bus or a car, we’ll give you such information and even offer some variants. We don’t advise you to use private taxi drivers who don't know foreign languages too. Embarrassed tourists often become their easy target. It is better to contact with official dispatchers of taxi services. They guarantee reliability, comfort, punctuality and the comprehensible prices, and also can give you an account on your request.

Sea and river transport in Ukraine

Ukraine is washed by two seas, Black Sea and The Sea of Azov, the river Dnepr crosses all the country from the north to the south. Due to it during the epoch of Soviet Union using of sea and river transport was rather widespread. It was possible to get to big cities directly by the motor ship, combining the pleasant and the useful. Today in Ukraine the passenger steam shipping exists, but mostly there are cruises over Dnepr and Black sea. Ten or eleven days of a wonderful rest, fun and entertainments on the board of comfortable 4-deck steam-ships, possibility to visit picturesque areas of Ukraine and a great possibility to see Odessa and resort cities of Crimea.

Urban transport in Ukraine

It is necessary to notice that the urban transport in Ukraine functions in 53 cities. Buses and fixed route taxi will bring you in the most distant corners of a city. If you don't hurry anywhere, it is an excellent excursion around the city, buses can't move quickly and sometimes it is necessary to wait in traffic for a long time. But you should know that in small towns and even in such city as Dnepropetrovsk with quantity of inhabitants over 1 million, trams and trolley buses are outdated, the park isn't updated and they even look strange sometimes like an echo from the Soviet Union epoch. One of the wonders of Ukraine is the longest long-distance trolleybus system in the world which is located in peninsula Crimea connecting the cities of Simferopol and Yalta, and has the length of 86 km.

The Ukrainian Underground railway

Транспорт в Україні

Photo of the interior of “Golden Gate” underground station in Kiev. The author of photo AMY 81-412 (a source Wikipedia)

Sometimes we advise for the gests of our country visiting such cities as Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk to use underground lines. There is a clearly known route and predictable way time. Thanks to the possibility to avoid traffic on the roads, it is always possible to be sure that you will get on a business meeting in time. The Kiev metropolitan is very simple and has only three lines – blue, green and red. It is very difficult to lose your way here. The Kiev underground has been opened in 1960 and has become the third in Soviet Union after Moscow and Leningrad one. By the way probably you’ve already heard about the feature of Kiev Metro: the unique beauty of its stations. Plans to construct underground railway in Kiev have appeared in 1916 but real construction has begun only in 1949. In 2011 the total length of lines of the Kiev underground railway accounts almost 65 km. But it’s not that which is interesting for tourists, traveling around the metro to look at the decoration of its stations. Extremely beautiful and interesting station Golden Gate decorated like a ceremonial hall of the Old Russian Castle. But also other stations, both modern, and constructed 50 years ago, attract with interesting architectural decisions, design features and beauty of design. Metro stations are clean and spacious. Diameter of tunnels is 1 meter bigger then in European metropolitans. Unlike users of some foreign metros we feel safely and with no worry, and personally we didn’t hear anything about gangsterism accidents in the Kiev metro.

The Ukrainian funiculars

Odessa and Kiev guests can also be interested in Ukrainian funiculars, the oldest in the Russian Empire. The Kiev funiculars is an interesting possibility for tourists because it connect the top of the Vladimir Hill terrace (the highest city) and the Poshchtovaya Scquare (Podol, the lowest city) nearby there is a riverside station.

Using these references you can find necessary information about bus schedule, about the airport Borispol, and also get the schedule of Ukrainian Railway Station and book train tickets:

The bus schedule -

The airport Borispol -

The Ukrainian railway Station -,

If you didn’t find needed information, we will help you with pleasure.

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