Visas to Ukraine

The applicable Ukrainian legislation regulates the procedure of the foreigners’ entry to Ukraine, and import or export of valuables to Ukraine and out of it (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine). The visa for foreigners to enter the Ukraine is required depending on the international agreements signed between the countries. You are recommended to contact the consular divisions and embassies of Ukraine abroad if you need to receive the Ukrainian visa.

The term of Ukrainian visas validity could be extended in the territory of Ukraine. The diplomatic and official Ukrainian visas and visas to the media representatives could be issued in Ukraine.

Ukrainian visas

The registration of the foreigners’ temporary stay in Ukraine is performed only in the border crossing points. The foreign citizens which have come to Ukraine to study, undergo a training, work or be a permanent resident must be registered in the Internal Affairs Agencies.

If you have lost your national passport in Ukraine: urgently inform the people or the company which invited you and the Internal Affairs Agencies (militia) to receive the appropriate certificate. Then you will have to contact the diplomatic representation (consulate) of your country to obtain a new document to replace the lost one and repeatedly receive the Ukrainian visa to leave Ukraine, or register the foreign passport in the Ukrainian Internal Affairs Agencies.

Employment of foreigners in Ukraine

A foreigner to be legally employed in Ukraine should obtain permission for employment in Ukraine, get a taxpayer identification number and register at place of living.

The foreigners are allowed the transit crossing of the Ukrainian border if they have the visa of the destination country or transit Ukrainian visa, tickets or other documents which could confirm transit crossing of the border.

Visa-free regime

People living in the countries which concluded the international agreements with Ukraine on visa-free regime have a right to enter Ukraine having a document valid for international trips, insurance policy and original invitation from a natural person or entity (as specified by the international agreements). The citizens of the European Union, USA, Canada, Turkey, Japan and Switzerland do not need invitation to issue official, business, scientific, cultural and sport and private Ukrainian visa.

The citizens of the following countries are allowed visa-free regime up to 90 days within 180 days: Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Vatican, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Rumania, Germany, the Netherlands, Monaco, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Finland, France, Montenegro, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan.

The citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russian Federation and Moldova do not need Ukrainian visa to cross the border.

The citizens of Hong Kong have visa-free regime for 14 days of staying.

A special visa regime is specified for the citizens of Macedonia and Mongolia. Please contact your consulate to sort it out.

The citizens of the countries, which have no consulate or embassy of Ukraine, should issue Ukrainian visas in the neighboring countries.

Vaccination for Ukrainian border crossing is not required.

The passport should be valid for three months after the trip completion to get a permission to enter Ukraine.

You should provide the following documents to receive the Ukrainian visa:

  • valid passport;
  • visa application form;
  • photo (4.5 х 3.5 cm);
  • hotel booking confirmation (tourist trip) OR letter of invitation from the tour operator, OR letter of invitation from the company (business tour), OR official invitation certified by the local visa and registration office (for private trip);
  • and pay the fee for Ukrainian visa issuance.

Ukrainian border crossing

There are several points of the Ukrainian border crossing, particularly, with Poland (Yagodin - Dorohusk, Ustilug - Zosin), Slovakia (Malye Selmentsy - Veľké Slemence, Uzhgorod - Vishne Nemetske), Rumania (Dyakovo - Halmeu, Solotvino - Sighetu Marmatiei), Moldova (Matveev Kurgan, Malinovka - Kuibyshevo, Krasnodarsky - Donetsk), Belarus (Senkovka - Veselovka, Schors - Terekhovka, Novy Yarylovichi - Bova Gira), Hungary (Chop - Zahon, Solovka - Epereshke, Luzhanka - Beregsurany). Points of the Ukrainian border crossing for air traffic are organized in the large cities of Ukraine, which have international airports (Borispol, Kiev (Zhulyany), Lvov, Odessa…). Points of the Ukrainian border crossing by sea: Reni, Ilichavsk, Ust-Dbestrovsky, Izmail, Odessa, Ochakov, Kherson, Kerch, Berdyansk, Mariupol, by river – Nikolaev, Kherson. See more detailed information on the web-site of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The border control is carried out at the border and includes the document inspection and inspection of the evidences to cross the Ukrainian border, survey of the transport vehicle and cargo. Upon inspection completion the frontier puts the stamp into the passport – Entrance or Departure.

Customs regulations of Ukraine

To bring the goods into Ukraine free of duty their cost is limited to 200 euro and 50 kg. You may also bring into Ukraine free of duty 1 liter of vodka, 2 liters of wine, 5 liters of beer, and 200 cigarettes (or 250 g) if they are brought in the personal luggage of the tourists, as transit goods transfer or in the event of their mandatory taking out. The duty is not charged for the transport vehicles and cargoes which are brought in as inheritance.

The valuables and money which are imported into Ukraine must be declared in the written declaration, which is an obligation of taking them out from Ukraine.

It is allowed to take out from Ukraine 2 l of wine per 1 person and food products for 50 euro.

Simplified border-crossing regime

There is a simplified border-crossing regime – the green channel which is used if entering Ukraine the foreigners have no valuables or articles subject to the mandatory declaration or customs clearance.

Declaration of money

Declaration of currency or checks up to $1,000 is performed verbally. If you have more than $10,000 (or checks up to $50,000) you should specify it in the customs declaration. You are recommended to declare your personal valuables.

Transport vehicles

You can bring into Ukraine your own transport vehicle for your personal needs for not longer than 1 year if you have a written obligation to take it out and certificate of its registration in the country of origin. If you use your own transport vehicle in the territory of Ukraine for longer than 2 months, it must be registered in the militia or taken out of the customs territory of Ukraine.

Art objects

To bring in the objects of art (items of cultural or historical value) you should get the permission from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. If you wish to take a painting or other object of art which is not of a big cultural value out from Ukraine, you must provide the check confirming the purchasing of this object of art. You can also take the souvenirs out from Ukraine (which are not a batch of goods) for the total amount up to 100,000 euro.

See the detailed information on the web site of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

If you have questions about arranging of your tour to Ukraine, it would be our pleasure to help you.

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