Tips for the Ukrainian roads travellers

In recent years more and more foreigners (as a rule from the European countries) have come to Ukraine in their own cars. It is convenient and advantageous. You can take as many personal things as you wish and they will be at your hand at any time. The tourists are able to visit the most remote parts of the country and enjoy the landscapes and historical monuments of Ukraine. In addition, Ukrainian roads are safe and have rather developed motorway service. There are filling stations with small shops, cafes and restaurants (where you will be offered the dishes that cater to every taste) and modern hotels with the excellent service (they even have deluxe suites) almost at each kilometer of the principal Ukrainian roads. In this article you will find the tips for the Ukrainian roads travellers.

Ukrainian roads: tips for travellers

Tips for the Ukrainian roads travellers

If you are planning to visit Ukraine in your car, please read our tips for the Ukrainian roads travellers which will help you to avoid possible misunderstanding in the roads.

Ukrainian traffic rules

Ukrainian traffic rules are practically the same as in other civilized countries. There are certain differences but they relate to some definite vehicle categories, like fuel-servicing trucks, which are restricted to drive in some definite city streets. It means that you should not additionally review the Ukrainian traffic rules. Taking into consideration that Ukraine is a member of Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, our road signs and signals are unified and correspond to those you can see in most civilized countries.

According to the Ukrainian traffic rules:

  • The maximum speed in the inhabited areas is restricted to 60 km per hour;
  • The maximum speed in the residential and pedestrian areas should not exceed 20 km per hour;
  • The cars should not exceed 110 km per hour outside the inhabited areas in the dual carriageways and in the roads crossing the settlements which names are presented on the blue background. They should not exceed 90 km per hour in the other roads;
  • The maximum speed should not exceed 130 km per hour in the highways with the special signs (two white road lines on the green background);
  • Drink driving limit in Ukraine is 0.0%.

It is not necessary to have lights on in the daytime.

Tips for the Ukrainian roads travellers

Each car crossing state border of Ukraine must be insured. You can do it in your country (buying Green Card), or directly at the check point. Availability of the insurance policy is mandatory; they won’t let you enter the country without it. Moreover, in some cases you will have to present it to the police workers. In case of road traffic accident all losses of both parties are covered by the insurance company.

You should bear in mind that in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation any car may be imported into the territory of the state by a citizen of the other country for the term not exceeding 2 months. Upon completion of the term specified in the customs declaration the car must be removed outside of Ukraine. Please remember that the car should stay in the Ukrainian roads for not longer than 2 months after state border crossing.

State Automobile Inspectorate of Ukraine

State Automobile Inspectorate controls the road traffic. State Automobile Inspectorate of Ukraine is a separate structure, though it is a part of Ministry of Home Affairs. With the exception of the State Automobile Inspectorate of Ukraine all other police workers are strongly prohibited to interfere in the traffic in Ukrainian roads and even to stop the vehicles. Currently the State Automobile Inspectorate of Ukraine conducts its activity in a way that the traffic police inspectors perform their duties only in patrol cars with the special marking and they may stop the driver in the sole event when he/she violates the Ukrainian traffic rules. At night they are allowed to stop the cars only at the illuminated section of the roads in the settlements or near the roadside service facilities. So you could ask a question – if at night in the empty road someone who looks like an inspector of the State Automobile Inspectorate of Ukraine, requires the driver to stop, could he/she keep driving? Our answer is yes! The administration of the State Automobile Inspectorate of Ministry of Home Affairs informed that in such case the driver must contact the nearest police office and tell about the current situation. Or you can call the hotline of the State Automobile Inspectorate of Ukraine at +38 044-272-46-59. You can call this hotline in any circumstances, in any situation strange for the driver or his/her passengers. Example: when the State Automobile Inspectorate worker charges you in violation which did not happen, or in case of problems with driving (vehicle breakdown).

Most often the foreigners who have already traveled in the Ukrainian roads do not complain of the traffic inspectors. They would tell you how to get to the destination and give you some advices. In general these guys are polite and tactful. The only problem is that almost nobody speaks any foreign language. If you do not speak Russian or Ukrainian you will have to use the sign language, or use the help of the professional interpreter. However, they say that soon there would be no such problems: within the scope of preparation to the European Football Championship EURO-2012 all police and State Automobile Inspectorate workers must master the English language – at least to the level which allows to make their demands and to answer the questions of the foreigners.

Advіces for Ukraіnіan Roads Travellers

Advіces for Ukraіnіan Roads Travellers

The separate matter is the quality of the Ukrainian roads. Unfortunately, Ukraine is not able to be proud with their excellent condition like most post-Soviet countries. Though separate Ukrainian roads are close to the European standards, like Kiev-Odessa highway or some other roads not far from the western borders. Most part of the streets and roads needs extensive repair, as they often look like the European roads after the war. In Ukraine there are no autobahns in European understanding, except for the only highway (about 30 km) which connects Kiev with Borispol, the international airport. The only difference is that all roads in the territory of Ukraine are still free – everybody is allowed driving for free.

Filling stations in Ukraine

Unfortunately, sometimes the gasoline and diesel fuel quality is far from perfect. That is why we would like to advice the Ukrainian roads travellers not to refuel with the cheapest gasoline and diesel fuel at the small filling stations, whose brand you do not know. The filling stations in Ukraine, which sell the gasoline and diesel fuel brought from Europe (Baltic, Polish, Romanian and so on) has the fuel of higher quality. They include Оkkо, WOG, Shell. The filling stations which sell the Russian fuel have somewhat lower quality. The most reliable are ТNК, Lukoil, ANP.

Depending on the location of the filling stations in Ukraine (in large cities, towns or in the central streets of the capital), the quality of fuel and service can differ. The price can range in 15%. The average price of А95 gasoline in Ukraine is $1.25.

One more thing: cash settlements between the State Automobile Inspectorate and drivers are forbidden in Ukraine, for example to pay the fine for traffic rules violation. You can do it in any bank branch within 10 days after administrative protocol issuance.

If you are planning a trip to Ukraine in your own car we would be happy to help you to arrange such tour, providing you the necessary information and tips concerning the traveling in the Ukrainian roads.

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