What Kind of People are We, the Ukrainians?

What kind of people are the Ukrainians

Ukrainians are very well-wishing and frank people! And not just at first sight! – amazingly tell our foreign friends. Such observation makes us happy. Probably when God asked the Ukrainians about something, they not only agreed but talked with Him for a long time and even advised something to the Heavenly Father. Probably you have noticed that brevity is not a national feature of the Ukrainians. Some people even compare the expressive gesticulation of the Ukrainians with the Italian gesticulation. We agree – active talkativeness is one if our national features. However, it gets along well with the tolerance. We enjoy advising but we do it without any snobbery or stubborn resolution. We think that the tolerance, which is in fashion today, was born some time and somewhere in Ukraine. We have no imperial ambitions, we do not touch anybody but we stand up for ourselves.



Interesting Facts on Ukraine

Interesting facts about Ukraine

Realizing that Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union for a long time and was in the shadow of Russia, we understand that not everybody knows that Ukraine is located in the center of Europe and not somewhere in Africa or in some islands. Interesting facts about Ukraine will help us to confirm the existence of our rich history, Ukraine impact on the life and development of the European countries and the contribution of the Ukrainians to the world treasury.



Ukrainian Holidays

Ukrainian holidays

Why are there a lot of holidays in Ukraine? Why do you celebrate some of them twice? For example, how could you celebrate the New Year twice? We are not surprised with these questions about the Ukrainian holidays asked by the guests of our country. Our answer will be short – the one who can work – is able to rest. Ukrainians are emotional, merry, melodious and energetic. They like to direct their intense positive vitality to the festive activities! As they say it is an idea made in heaven for Ukrainians to enjoy the life and celebrate any events. If you feel yourself as a “holiday analyst” you will notice some cultural regularity.



Ukrainian Customs and Traditions in Ukraine

Українські звичаї і традиції

Traditions in Ukraine are interesting and unique, they are versatile and widespread! It is interesting that your young people are pleased to keep them – the tourists tell us. It is really true. This fact confirms the existence of the folk soul, gratitude to our ancestors, deep memory (the scientists call it the archetypical memory) and perception of generation connection. Ukrainian traditions, living and rather interesting folk heritage has been formed for many centuries. That is why despite our culturoligic European status and relatively short history of state we can take care of the spiritual continuity and we know well our native unwritten laws – the Ukrainian customs and traditions.



Famous Ukrainians

Famous Ukrainians

Even those, who have never heard about Ukraine or who know only the name of our country would say - Oh! I know the Ukrainians! – after they find out that a lot of famous and outstanding representatives of the world culture and science were Ukrainians by origin! So we would like to offer the small list of the famous Ukrainians and outstanding persons from Ukraine.



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