What kind of people are the Ukrainians

Ukrainians are very well-wishing and frank people! And not just at first sight! – amazingly tell our foreign friends. Such observation makes us happy. Probably when God asked the Ukrainians about something, they not only agreed but talked with Him for a long time and even advised something to the Heavenly Father. Probably you have noticed that brevity is not a national feature of the Ukrainians. Some people even compare the expressive gesticulation of the Ukrainians with the Italian gesticulation. We agree – active talkativeness is one if our national features. However, it gets along well with the tolerance. We enjoy advising but we do it without any snobbery or stubborn resolution. We think that the tolerance, which is in fashion today, was born some time and somewhere in Ukraine. We have no imperial ambitions, we do not touch anybody but we stand up for ourselves.

What kind of people are we, the Ukrainians?

What kind of people are the Ukrainians

According to the data from the social scientists, the Ukrainian mentality shows thrift and persistence, mysticism and warmth, conservatism and quick understanding. We enjoy the life and worship the woman, respect the family and religious values. We are humane and sentimental, spiritual and a little bit playful... But if you ‘sting’ the Ukrainians we will protest with some minor dirty tricks. “If not to eat something then have a bite taken out of it” – it is the kind of Ukrainian revenge. There is one more saying about our famous national caution – “It's neither my headache nor my piece of cake!” However some jokers call the healthy Ukrainian indifference the “multiple views”. Whatever they call it, we live by the principle – «That is nothing to do with me if it does not touch me». Some analysts even compare the Ukrainians with the Buddhists. In point of fact: we are not aggressive, we do not contradict openly, and do not toy with the ideas of historical national suffering and we are resistant to the strokes of misfortune. And the main visions are clearly proclaimed in the Ukrainian anthem: “Our enemies will vanish like dew in the sun, and we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own” – meaning we will wait for better and it will come for sure!

If to compare the Ukrainian mentality with our closest (historically, spiritually, geographically) neighbors – the Russian people – one should note that we are individualists. We postpone the public welfare to our own interests. That is why the Ukrainians are used to rely on themselves. However, we respect the state sovereignty and independence. That is why we react rather dramatically to any attempts of enslavement.

What kind of people are the Ukrainians

Ukraine was a Soviet Republic. During the last 20 years of Independence of Ukraine we have passed a great way of huge changes and economic reforms. On the one hand we have lost the communist illusions and socialist hopes for free bright future. On the other hand we recollected our own genuine values. We are learning the democracy and together with many world countries we have been solving the main problem of modern times: where and how to get the money. Possibly it is the sign that we move towards the capitalism resolutely and purposefully. And coming this hard way we get our own bumps and bruises.

One more favorite Ukrainian principle – It will go one way or the other. Some passivity and deliberation could be treated as uncertainty or as even temper, which results in trust and respect. An ordinary Ukrainian person does not strive for the radical changes. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” – it is very Ukrainian way of thinking. We would better improve reality than strive for the attractive but vague prospects. This is a kind of Ukrainian careful risk.

What kind of people are the Ukrainians

If moneymaking cold be called a talent then the Ukrainians have succeeded in it! We ourselves can’t understand how this unique art is combined with the comfort, stylish car and rest at the luxurious health resorts. And also with the anecdotal Ukrainian appetite, celebrations of any event and hospitality. The real Ukrainians would be starving themselves but the guest will be received with high respect and hospitality. You should experience it yourself!

Ukrainian natural curiosity is shown in the educational drive. Almost 40% of Ukrainians have higher education. Our national ingenuity and quick wit proves the major physical law: noting disappears or is lost. Ukrainian intellect simply does not allow it! To make a rocket from the rusty nails – that’s the way we can do it! Everything should work, change into better one, and be settled, fixed up and adapted. As we are the practical and thrifty nation – why should we waste anything?

Lively and quick-witted, optimistic and humorous, pragmatic and conflict-free, careful and curious – here we are, the Ukrainians! They say here: it takes long time to harness us but if we speed up – you would not stop us!

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