Study in Ukraine

Ukraine keeps old traditions of the population education and has a very developed system of education (beginning from the preschool and finishing by postgraduate education).

Study in Ukraine

Preschool education in Ukraine includes the whole network of preschool educational institutions where children from 6 months till 6 years are accepted. At the beginning it is a day nursery where infants stay while their parents work. Then these are kindergartens where except supervision children also receive elementary education. They study elements of reading, writing, counting, develop skills and creative abilities. Depending on a kindergarten orientation additionally children can be trained in music, singing, dances, English language. In Ukraine the out-of-school children education network is high developed, parents chose the orientation depending on talents of their children. Children can study English language, play fortepiano, dance Latin American dances. Somebody gives children in sports sections where they receive not only physical preparation, but also learn self-control, courage and team spirit.

School education in Ukraine

School education in Ukraine begins from 6-7 years. School education in Ukraine is obligatory for everybody. Parents can choose regular school, private school or specialized lyceum or gymnasium, depending on their tastes and desire to spend money for children education. Nation-wide education in Ukraine is officially considered to be free, private educational institution are paid, and the payment level depends on an institution. There are schools of the mathematical, humanitarian or language orientation. Since the childhood the graduates choose themselves any subjects which they want to study more deeply, and that certainly influences their further choice of a higher educational institution and on their career. Official days off of the Ukrainian children are Saturday and Sunday. During the year pupils have three short vacations and one long period of summer vacations. Usual study day lasts from 8 mornings till 2-3 p.m. Children not occupied in work of any study group or sections, not visiting music schools or clubs of dances go to extended-day class where they can be prepared for the classes of the next day, in this case their working day lasts approximately till 5 p.m.

Special professional education in Ukraine

After leaving school, in 15-17 years, graduates can choose a profession of working specialty and receive qualification of nurse, tutor, cook, hairdresser, seamstress, welder, driver etc. As a rule, such training is given for free and lasts 1-3 years. Many graduates make decision to study in a higher educational institution and to get higher education in Ukraine or abroad.

Higher education in Ukraine

Higher education in Ukraine

The first universities in the territory of Ukraine have appeared in 16 century and they were called as academies. The first such academy in Ukraine is considered to be the Slavic-Greek-Latin academy in the Region of Rovno, in Ostrog city. The first records about it are dated 1576, but the opening, obviously, has taken place earlier. The second institution of higher education of Ukraine, opened in territory of Ukraine, is considered to be Kiev-Mohyla Academy, created in 1632 in Kiev in Podol, as a result of unification of religious schools. That time it was the leader institution which has united the best and most experienced persons of that time. The trustee of academy became Petro Mohyla (see the article Famous Ukrainians). The period of studying in academy was 12 years. Among subjects there were grammar, poetics, rhetoric, philosophy and theology. Language knowledge was obligatory. It was studied not only the Slavic, Ukrainian and Church Slavonic languages, but also the Greek, Latin, Polish, French, German and old European languages. Special attention was given to musical and art education.

Today the higher education in Ukraine is represented by more than thousand educational institutions of various type of ownership. Among them 670 technical schools and colleges of secondary-level professional education, 337 institutions of higher education (institutes, universities and academies), of which there are 15 universities of classical education... The most prestigious institution of Ukraine is considered to be the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In Ukraine nowadays it counts two and a half million students, 88% of them study in the state institutions of 77 educational branches. To get bachelor degree students study 4 years (or 5 years for correspondence course), to get specialist degree – 5 (6), the master degree – 5,5 (6,5). In May, 2005 the education system of Ukraine has transferred into The Bologna Process, joining to the European quality assessment register (EQAR). It gives students the chance to receive bachelor degrees and the master degree according to the European standards.

Foreign students’ education in Ukraine

Foreign students’ education in Ukraine

Foreign students’ education in Ukraine is one of the priority activity line of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Ukraine takes the ninth place in the world by quantity of foreign students which get higher education in our country. Educational institutions of Ukraine are interesting for the foreigners because of their low price, and also because of the quality of education, it’s not a secret that Ukrainian diplomas are highly valued abroad. Education in Ukraine became even more attractive after Ukraine has joined to The Bologna Process.

According to the statistics data, in accordance with researches of a website of The Ukrainian scientific community development Center, from 1946 till today almost 200 000 experts from 160 countries had got education in our country. According to the rates of the Ministry of Education, the Ukrainian high schools teach today about 42 000 foreign students from almost 130 countries of the world. Ukraine is the most popular among the students from China (6700 persons), Russia (4500 persons), India (2700 persons), Syria, Malaysia, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Moldova. In our country under the Ministry of Education it is created the State center of the international education which attracts foreign citizens for studying in Ukraine. The largest centers of foreign students studying in Ukraine are Kiev і Kharkov. According to the rate among students the first place is occupied by the Crimea State Medical University (1900 persons in 2006), National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, (KPI – 1800 persons in 2006). To learn Russian we advise you to go to the Russian language center at the Donetsk National University (17 Shchorsa, Donetsk 83055, Ukraine, Tel. +380-66-0835452, + 38 0622 970552) or to think about it in advance and to join our pupils who learn language with our teachers by Skype ( see the article Lean Russian / Ukrainian by Skype).

Studying of foreign students is being held in Ukraine on the basis of state «Regulation on foreigners accepted for study in higher educational institutions». All the foreigners without restrictions to racial, political, religious, social or ethnic signs are accepted for study, on the basis of the international state contracts and the contracts signed directly with physical and legal bodies. To enter the Higher education institution foreign students should give such documents:

01Standard pattern questionnaire;

02Documents copies about education;

03Certificate about the absence of a HIV-infection;

04Health certificate certificated by the State public health authority of the country of arrival (valid 2 months after the issue date);

05Insurance policy from the accidents (it is necessary to specify, whether the agreement on free emergency medical aid is signed with your country);

06The birth certificate copy;

076 photographs (the size 6 х 4 cm);

08Return ticket with open date within 1 year.


The documents mentioned in points 2, 4 and 6 should be notarized, translated into Ukrainian (Russian) language according to the legislation of your country, and legalized in the Ukrainian consulate in your country.

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