Famous Ukrainians

Even those, who have never heard about Ukraine or who know only the name of our country would say - Oh! I know the Ukrainians! – after they find out that a lot of famous and outstanding representatives of the world culture and science were Ukrainians by origin! So we would like to offer the small list of the famous Ukrainians and outstanding persons from Ukraine.

Famous Ukrainians

Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko (1814 - 1861) – a Ukrainian poet, philosopher, writer, graphic artist, artist, folklore specialist, politician, public figure and as the Ukrainians say – the spiritual parent of the modern Ukrainian nation.

Grigory Skovoroda (1722-1794) – a teacher, poet, social educator, philosopher, the author of the treatises, fables and songs.

Sergey Prokofiev, famous outstanding composer, Ukrainian by descent, who was born on April 23, 1891 in a village called Krasnoye and located in Donetsk region. He is the author of the famous ballets, operas, music for symphony orchestra, pieces and etudes. His ballet Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, opera Boris Godunov made him worldwide famous. He is a teacher of the outstanding musicians Svyatoslav Richter and Mstislav Rastropovich.

Nikolay Lysenko, a Ukrainian composer, the author of Taras Bulba, Natalka Poltavka, Aeneid operas, the author of the operas for children and operettas. He was born on March 10, 1842 in Poltava region.

Ilya Repin (he was born on August 5, 1844 in Karkov region) – a famous painter, artist, the master of the daily life and historical paintings. The author of Burlaks on the Volga, Ivan the Terrible and His Son, Sadko paintings...

The famous composer Petr Chaikovsky is a Ukrainian on his father's side (1840-1893). He is worldwide famous due to his musical heritage – he composed a lot of operas (Eugene Onegin, Mazepa...), ballets (Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty), concerts, symphonies and albums.

Mikhail Grushevsky (1866-1934) – a historian, organizer of the Ukrainian science, professor, the author of the illustrated history of Ukraine.

Anatoly Lunocharsky (he was born in 1875 in Poltava) – a writer, political figure, translator, l literary criticism specialist and fine art expert, academician.

Yevgeny Paton (1870-1953), a famous Kiev scientist, professor, who studies welding and construction of bridges, and who formulated the principles of calculation of the riveted bridges.

Boris Paton (he was born on November 27, 1918), a famous scientist in the filed of metallurgy and process metallurgy, academician, the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the author of the technology of the joining (welding) live tissues.

Nikolay Amosov (1913-2002) – a famous Ukrainian doctor, scientist in the filed of cardiovascular surgery, biocybernetics specialist.

Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940), a famous writer, the author of Heart of a Dog, Master and Margarita books.

Sergey Korolev, genius Ukrainian scientist from Zhitomir (1906-1966), academician in the field of rocket production and cosmonautics, the famous designer of the first spacecrafts and man-made satellites.

Famous Ukrainian sportsmen:

Everybody in the world knows the pride of Ukraine – the famous Ukrainian boxers – Klichko brothers – Vitaly and Vladimir Klichko.

Sergey Bubka (pole-jumping) and Lilia Podkopaeva (gymnastics) from Donetsk, Oksana Bayul (figure skating) from Dnepropetrovsk, Yana Klochkova (swimming) from Simpheropol, Zhanna Pintusevich-Block (running) from Chernigov region, Vitaly and Vladimir Klichko (boxing) from Kiev, Oleg Blokhin and Andrey Shevchenko (football), Larisa Latynina (Kherson), Irina Deryugina and Anna Bessonova (Kiev) (free calisthenics).

Famous Ukrainians in art:

The Ukrainian singer Ruslana (Ruslana Lezhichko), a modern Ukrainian star became famous in the world when she won Eurovision Song Contest in 2004.

Olga Kurylenko, the last James Bond girl, who lived in London now, was also born in Ukraine in Berdyansk city. She is famous with her roles in movies and participation in the commercial of Сarte Noіre coffee.

Milla Jovovich, one more famous beautiful girl, actress, model and fashion designer was born in Kiev. She is famous with her roles in movies and participation in the commercial of Revlon and l'Oréal (since 1998).

Famous people with Ukrainian roots:

The writer Nikolay Gogol has the Ukrainian roots (Poltava region, his ancestors were the outstanding Cossack families of Ukraine, one of his ancestors was Acting Hetman Yakov Lizogub); Vladimir Dal, an author of the dictionary of the same name (Lugansk), Ilya Mechnikov, a doctor and biologist (Kharkov region), who became the Doctor of Zoology in 23; Alexander Vertinsky, an actor, poet and singer (Kiev); Alexander Dovzhenko, a movie director and author of 12 worldwide famous movies (Chernigov region); Roman Viktuk, a stage director (Lvov); Lina Kostenko, a poet (Kiev region); and also – Igor Sikorsky, the founder of the American helicopter engineering (Kiev ); Kvitka Cisyk (Lvov), a famous American singer of Ukrainian origin, who was a voice of Ford, and sang in You Light Up My Life - Oscar-winning movie...

Possibly you also know the outstanding persons by Ukrainian origin? A lot of Ukrainians immigrated to Canada, USA, France, Germany and Israel... We are sure that our nationals had a positive impact on development of your culture and history. So which famous Ukrainians do you know?

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