Ukrainian Cuisine

Is it true that Ukrainians treat a guest like a family member? And that it is a matter of honor for any housewife to receive and feed a guest? When we hear these questions we are very proud of our country. It is the honest truth. Probably exactly the Ukrainian cuisine is a symbol of our nation hospitality. It is our cultural heritage like our language, folklore, faith.

Created within many centuries, mixed with many cultures and national gastronomic tastes, flavored with creative approach – the Ukrainian cuisine is versatile, nourishing and tasty, flavored and diverse. There are many stories about nourishing Ukrainian dishes, lard and vodka are the real national symbols and you can read the recipes like an interesting book. Great Gogol, who is a person respected in the world, had a good reason to enjoy and praise the fine cuisine of his Motherland. He did it so tasty and true that you understand: genius literature originated from the genius cookery.

Ukrainian cuisine

Travel and enjoy the Ukrainian cuisine

Українська кухня

It is a thankless task to tell about any cuisine. It is better to try once than to read about it a hundred times. As for us, we proved long ago – if you once have tried nourishing soup or tender vareniki (dumplings), white lard or real borsch – you will return to these dishes again and again. If you take into account that each region has its own culinary triumph and to multiply this figure by the amount of hospitable and persistent housewives – you could be sure – you are lucky! We know nobody – a tourist or a guest of Ukraine – who failed to fall in love with the Ukrainian cuisine, Ukrainian dishes. They are cooked with love and offered with joy. Find it out yourself!

Now the Ukrainian restaurant business is flourishing. Every city will offer you a gastronomic oasis where you will be able to try the masterpieces of the popular world cuisines: Mexican, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish. If you are planning a gastronomy or cookery tour round Ukraine, we recommend you to pay special attention to the traditional Ukrainian cuisine – original and unique.

Ukrainian cuisine

Historically Hungarian, German, Tatar, Greek, Jewish and Turkish cuisines had the biggest influence on the recipes and technology of national dishes' cooking. However we can identify the basic ingredients which define exactly Ukrainian dishes. As for the vegetables it is beet, carrot, pepper, onion, cabbage, mushrooms. The real housewife (Ukraine has ONLY these ones) can cook fantastic amount of the unique dishes from these simple ingredients – and even the chef of the leading restaurant would never seen them in his/her dreams. Frying, stewing, baking, pickling, souring – all these technological operations can be considered a real magic of each Ukrainian woman. The dishes from the pork are very popular in the Ukrainian cuisine. The famous Ukrainian lard is a special pleasure for a gourmet! The Ukrainians do not take offence at the anecdotes about the lard – they create and distribute them themselves. Lard is not just a snack. It is our proud, the symbol of prosperity! Ukrainian cuisine would be as lonely without it like lard without horilka (vodka)! This combination is a subject for the songs and toasts and it is as important at the wedding ceremony as a newly married couple. Every Ukrainian family can boast of many recipes how to cook lard and make liqueurs!

Ukrainian cuisine

Traditional Ukrainian cuisine originated from the rural everyday life, where people had to cook the simple but substantial dishes to recover strength. The wheat and sunflower were the food for many generations. Cooked cereals are very popular here: pumpkin porridge, millet porridge, corn porridge. They can be sweet, cooked with milk, or with dressing. You would be able to eat a lot of tasty doughnuts (with garlic or poppy seeds), nourishing dumplings with the sour cream, aromatic patties with the cottage cheese, and appetizing pancakes with the honey. There are many popular Ukrainian dishes: stuffed cabbage roll, tasty meat kruchenik or zavivanets (meat dishes), cold baked pork, roast meat with the potato! Every dish is amazingly tasty, nourishing, and unique! As for the drinks you will be offered to try kvass – cold, fresh, with original taste, very appropriate on a hot day. The Ukrainian cuisine could be proud of the fact that nourishing, creamy, tender and very healthy ryazhenka (fermented baked milk – a natural milk product) is originated from Ukraine.

It is impossible to communicate the taste with the words and the aroma with the sentences. However, you can try it – and you can do it only here! Ukrainian cuisine is worth to become a favorite one for the every guest of our country.

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