Map of Ukraine

There is a map of Ukraine on our website for your convenience. You can review the map of Ukraine in the appropriate scale and make the necessary routes with the useful service of the map. You can also use the map search. See detailed information about Ukraine on our website at the tab My Ukraine — Interesting places of Ukraine, Cities of Ukraine, Information for travelers around Ukraine and other.

Map of Ukraine

How to use the map:

How to use the different view modes of the map

You can select the appropriate view mode of the map of Ukraine at the top right corner.

  • Map — display of the map of Ukraine with traditional view of the roads, parks, borders, water reservoirs and so on.
  • Satellite — display of the aerial photographs of Ukraine.
  • Hybrid — to view the map of Ukraine combined with the roads and streets map.
  • Terrain — allows to view the topographic map of Ukraine.

How to use the navigation elements located on the left of the map of Ukraine

  • The easiest way is to use the mouse. Mouse over the location and scroll down or up to increase or decrease the scale. Double click the location to center and increase it. Click on the map and move the mouse to move the map.
  • Arrows — click the appropriate button with the arrow to move in the view window to the north, south, east or west.
  • Scaling — click the icon “+” to increase the scale at the center of the map. Click the icon “-” to decrease the scale.
  • Scaling slider — drag the slider up or down to gradually increase or decrease the image.

Overview map

Overview map is available in the bottom right corner of the map. It helps to orientate displaying the current window of the map in the context of the wider geographical region. The region currently displayed at the map is highlighted with violet on the overview map. You can click the arrow button to hide the overview map, or to display it again.

Search on the map and making the routes are available at the map of Ukraine.

Сакральный тур в Перу


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