Translation cost (prices for translation)

Translation services cost

Translation cost (prices for translation)

It is not hard to calculate the cost of the text translation or interpreting. One word of the original text is a payment unit.


Cost of translation into Russian / Ukrainian

Complete online order for services in Ukraine and review the standard agreement for service provision.

Services Price
To find out the exact cost and terms of translations Download the order form
Translation into Russian (from your native language) 0,09 euro
Translation into Ukrainian (from your native language) 0,10 euro
Translation of the standard document into Russian or Ukrainian (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, diploma…) 8 euro
Translation editing 4 euro / 250 mots
Translation notarization 10 euro
Issuance of Apostille in Ukraine - 1 document 30 euro
Issuance of Apostille in Ukraine (Ministry of Education) - 1 document from 30 euro
Duplicate documents from ZAGS of Ukraine from 60 euro
Certificate of no criminal record and Apostille in Ukraine for 7 days 50 euro
Documents delivery to the Client address outside of Ukraine According to the rates of courier service


Interpreting into Russian / Ukrainian

Use the following rates to calculate your expenses in Ukraine (accompanying by the interpreter):

Services Price
To find out the exact cost and terms of translations Download the order form
Interpreting cost (per hour) 25 euro per hour
Visit of a certified interpreter to the notary 25 euro per hour
Interpreting cost (8-hour working day) from 130 euro per day
Cost of video material translation negotiated price
  • For interpreting the minimum invoiced is 3 hours.
  • If accompanying in Ukraine and visit to the other city is needed, the Client pays the accommodation and food costs for the interpreter.
  • We offer discount system for the large projects and regular Clients.

List of languages we translate most often:

Translation cost (prices for translation)

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Lithuanian
  • Latvian
  • Estonian
  • Uzbek

We could translate from any other language. If you have special needs in interpreting or translation into Russian / Ukrainian from the language not specified in the list send us a request and we do our best to help you.

Schedule time of translations

Schedule time of translations: 8 pages (2000 words) per day per 1 translator. To complete large projects we could use several translators. If your order is urgent, please consider that allowance for urgency is 30%.

Download order form to find out the exact price and terms of the text translation.

Services of organization of a tour into Ukraine

Services Price
To find out the exact cost Download the order form
Our services of organization of the tour into Ukraine from 50 euro/person/day
Cost of the complete program is calculated by request considering your preferences negotiated price


Cost of organization of a tour into Ukraine includes the complete arrangement of your visit. Complete online order to arrange a tour into Ukraine and review the general terms and conditions of the services to arrange the tour.

Have you decided to use our services in Ukraine? We guarantee absence of the hidden expenses and the best prices for servicing in Ukraine. You will know in advance the cost of accommodation, food, transport, excursions, entertainment program, event visits, accompanying and we will take care of the best prices from our partners! Write us about your preferences and we will send you the cost estimate as soon as possible!

Way and order of payment of services in Ukraine:

After receiving your request and sending you the cost estimate we will wait for your confirmation of the order for services and conclude the standard agreement for service provision – documents translation (general terms and conditions for translation services from Ukraine for Business (UB)) or organization of your tour into Ukraine (general terms and conditions for tour organization services from Ukraine for Business (UB)), support of your activity in Ukraine. If you have special orders for us to complete in Ukraine, send us a letter. We will consider your preferences and make your tour to Ukraine as comfortable, pleasant and effective as possible.

Way of payment:

  • Bank transfer into account in the Ukrainian bank for legal entity (based on invoice);
  • Bank transfer into account in the Ukrainian bank for natural person or entrepreneur (based on invoice);
  • Moneybookers electronic payment system;
  • Western Union transfer;
  • Web-Money payment;
  • Cash payment at arrival.


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