Autonomous Republic of Crimea

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the south of Ukraine occupies the territory of 26 thousand square kilometers with the population of a bit more than 2 million people, and has common sea boundaries with Russia.

Experts consider Crimea to be one of the most attractive regions in the country from the point of view of investments. Such conditions were formed due to the favourable geographic and economic position, natural resources and an enormous potential as a resort area. According to the periodical Status, the Crimean region takes the first place in the country in terms of infrastructure development and provides one third of all tourism services in Ukraine.


Experts claim that tourism, agriculture and industry are the most promising areas of business development in Crimea. Investors are mainly interested in industry (530 large-scale enterprises), wind energetics, gas and water production, transport, connection, cableways constructing, building roads, entertainment and infrastructure institutions, developing the service industry, tourism, growing and stocking medicinal herbs (lavender, rose, sage), essential oil plants, trading. The oldest and the most famous branch of agriculture in Crimea is wine-making, favourable geographical position and climate fully contribute to it. In Crimea the technical grades of grapes are grown, which are then used in producing juices, wines and brandies of high quality. Annual sales volume of wine in the Republic comprises 300 thousand tons.

Certainly, one of the most developed business branches in Crimea is tourism. Mild and warm climate, fabulous nature and unforgettable landscapes, the sea and the mountains – what else does a true traveler need to be utterly happy? Everyone will find exactly what they need for a good rest in Crimea. Those, who love beaches and reckless holidays, can lie in the sun and take idle walks along the sea coast, swim on a boat or go fishing. The lovers of nature will have a great opportunity to climb Mount Ai-Petri opening up a magnificent panorama of the Big Yalta. And from above you can take a cableway down to the sea. From December till March the Ai-Petri is covered with snow. If you are fond of skiing or snowboarding – you are welcome! But be careful: from January till March there’s a danger of avalanching here..

It is well known that several million of years ago the entire territory of Crimea was flooded with waters of the Tethys Ocean, and the top of Mount Ai-Petri is considered to be once a cay. We recommend you to take a walk along marvellous green Grand Canyon, the gorge with waterfalls, rockslides, boulders and a cold river, which was formed 2 million years ago. In Crimea there are 2000 springs, mountain rivers, waterfalls and caves, some of which are even specially equipped for living in. And also – the amazing youth baths. The biggest of them is situated by the entrance to the gorge cave. The temperature here keeps at 9-10 degrees Centigrade all the year round. If you want to take on a new lease of life and summon up fresh energy, you should definitely take a bath there! And after that, by all means, you should go and see the beauty of the Silver Waterfall not far from the bath. In winter, when everything is covered with ice, it turns into a magic harp with glass strings.

If you like walking, make sure you visit a wonderful place in CrimeaNikitsky Botanical Gardens (98648, Ukraine, Yalta, village Nikita, Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, +380 (654) 335530)! It is a national scientific centre, created by Emperor Alexander I in 1812, which is now open to the visitors all the year round. The founder of the garden was a famous researcher, botanist Christian Steven, who saw his goal in developing the agriculture of the region, acclimatizing, selecting and distributing fruit, ornamental, flower, medicinal and other kinds of plants. Today Nikitsky Botanical Gardens belongs to the most famous botanic institutions and is one of the biggest collections of valuable breeds in the whole world. It is the only place in the country which possesses the gene pool of southern fruit crops. Thus, here there are 11 000 kinds of olives, pomegranates, figs, peaches and apricots. The hallmark of the garden is the arboretum well-known throughout the world. The collection of trees and herbarium obtained the status of national patrimony of the country. Special attention should also be given to the unbelievable collections of tulips, cactuses, chrysanthemums, snowdrops and crocuses.

Which other Crimean monuments are due to visit? One cannot enumerate all of them! As Crimea was beloved by Russian imperial and other rich families, who came here to spend their summer holidays and admire the magnificent beauty of the nature. They built numerous manors along the southern coast, most of which today are turned into museums we highly recommend you to visit. Vorontsov Palace (working hours: 9.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m., closed on Mondays, in summer open 7 days a week. Alupka, 10 Dvorets Road, tel. +38 0654 72-22-81, 72-29-51), Livadia Palace (working hours 10.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m., closed on Wednesdays; Yalta, settlement of urban type Livadia, tel. +38 0654 31-55-79 or 31-00-98) and Massandra Palace (working hours 9.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m., closed on Mondays; Yalta, settlement of urban type Massandra, Massandra Palace, tel. +38 0654 23-53-47). You can drive to these palaces taking route M18 (follow direction signs), or take a bus from Alushta or Yalta. Besides, you should by all means visit the admirable Swallow’s Nest (you can get there by sea only) at cape Ai-Todor in Gaspra, which resembles a medieval chivalrous castle (sanatorium “Zhemchuzhyna” (Pearl), settlement of urban type Gaspra, 5 Alupka Road).

If you are interested in antiquities, you should go and see the ruins of old Crimean settlements in Sevastopol, Kerch and Bakhchysaray. By the way, there are no beaches or luxurious restaurants in Bakhchysaray, but every year this old town, the former capital of the Crimean Khanate, attracts thousands of tourists. Here you can see Hansaray, the palace of the Crimean khans, the Fountain of Tears, which was already famous as far back as in the times of Alexander Pushkin, a great number of mosques (Tahtali-Jami Mosque and Khan-Jami Mosque), the Assumption Monastery of the Caves and the medieval fortress Chufut-Kale.

The fortress of Kerch was built between 1857 and 1877 after the Crimean War in order to protect the Russian Empire from its enemies at the Black sea. It was specially constructed for keeping a long-lasting and successful defense. The fortress is preserved in a very good condition, and today you may see there a moat 3km long and 15m wide, secret subterranean passages, stone masonry and subterranean water supply system.

Also we cannot but mention Chersonesus Taurica (in Sevastopol). It is an ancient Greek colony, built on the southwestern coast of the Crimea, which used to be a great cultural, political and economical centre at the Black Sea for two thousand years. The first excavations of this ancient city were carried out in 1827 and revealed the ruins of three temples. Today this is one of the largest research centres, where continual archeological excavations are being performed. This place is always full of visitors. National Reserve “Khersones Tavriysky” offers collections of epigraphic monuments, craftwork, pieces of art, daily life objects and tools, used by the residents of ancient Chersonesus. A great number of excavated items were sent to the collections of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg museums.

If you like your holidays to be diverse and full of unforgettable impressions, if you love both the sea and the mountains and can’t go without visiting some antique monuments, we highly recommend you to visit Crimea, and enjoy all kinds of rest in just one perfect place!

Resort cities of Crimea: Yalta, Alushta, Sevastopol, Sudak.

Resort villages of Crimea: Foros, Gurzuf, Miskhor, Partenit, Gaspra, Alupka.
The most developed infrastructure network – accommodation, food, health care.

Transport: private car, public buses, taxis, the longest trolleybus line Simferopol-Yalta (86km). Distance to Kyiv by car – 808km. An airport in Simferopol (1.5 hour flight to Kyiv).

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