Carpathian Mountains located in the Western part of Ukraine are 280 lm long. Four Ukrainian regions are situated around Carpathian Mountains – Cis-Carpathian region (central city is Ivano-Frankovsk), Trans-Carpathian region (central city is Uzhgorod), Lvov region (central city is Lvov) and Chernovtsy region (central city is Chernovtsy). The highest point of Ukrainian Carpathians is Goverla Mountain, which is 2061 m high. There are gas fields, oil-fields, sulfur, brown coal, ozocerite and salt deposits in Carpathians.


Carpathian Mountains are wonderful at any season. Beautiful dales, mountains and valleys, mountain streams, lakes and waterfalls (see Ukrainian Nature), fine nature and unique fauna and flora. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts! The medicinal herbs, mushrooms and berries... And crystal-clear air to enjoy! There are a lot of tourists all year round, as the largest tourist camps, and resort centers are located in Carpathians. And there are ski centers which invite the tourists since the late autumn till May. However tourist infrastructure is far from the European one. But every year we do our best to achieve the global standards and the prices there are relatively low.


Carpathians. “Skolevsky Beskidy” National Natural Park. Park view. Ukraine, Lvov region. Photo by Іgor Luzhanov.

Historically the territory adjacent to Ukrainian Carpathians was under the reign of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria-Hungary and they influenced the culture of this region, mentality of its population and architecture of buildings (Castles of Ukraine).

Trans-Carpathian region is famous with its old touristic towns like thousand-year-old Uzhgorod, the central city of Trans-Carpathian region, Mukachevo (the first records dated 896), located on the bank of Latoritsa river and famous with Palanok castle, Khust (its construction started in 1090 as a defensive fortress), Rakhov (where the geographical center of Europe is located as experts say), Chop (the most westerly point of Ukraine). All these old towns have its own color – a kaleidoscope of cultures and important events.


Uzhgorod. View to Uzh River and embankment from the bridge. Photo by Mikhail Mikhailovich Palinchak.


Uzhgorod is considered to be a window to Europe. Within more than thousand of years this city witnessed and survived all outstanding events occurred in this region. The city appeared on the volcano mountain as a fortification, which developed and turned into a real city. Being in this city you feel the Hungarian presence which lasted for 600 years: the streets of Uzhgorod, old houses with the mediaeval ornaments resemble Budapest and Debrecen. In Uzhgorod you can enjoy fantastic cathedrals and mediaeval castles, walk around the alleys of the botanic garden, and visit a lot of interesting museums. The avenue of limes located in this city is considered to be the longest in Europe! The local people are proud with the old castle located in the historical part of Uzhgorod.

It is impossible not to tell about the marvelous nature of this region – wonderful scenery, smooth lakes (there are 137 lakes there), the springs of the healing mineral waters, unique salt mines in Solotvino and the only one in Europe valley of wild daffodils, located not far from Khust.

If you come to Trans-Carpathian region try local national dishes, local cheese and visit wine-cellars... Trans-Carpathian region is the only Ukrainian region which is the most highly rated concerning the favorable opportunities for tourism. 217 facilities providing tourist and medical services were opened there; they can accommodate 15 thousand people at the same time. It is not surprising as there are thousands of people which want to spend their vacation and improve their health there. In Trans-Carpathian region you can find 32 of 36 mineral water groups! If you would like to invest funds into this region, into development of tourism and health improvement system, you will certainly make a profit.

Uzhgorod city: distance to Kiev is 806 km. Travel time: 2-hour flight.

Hotels in Uzhgorod: Uzhgorod, Europe, Izumrud, Olimp.

Restaurants in Uzhgorod with Ukrainian cuisine: Old Continent, Detsa u Notarya, Ungvarsky, Carpathians-Art.


Historical center of Ivano-Frankovsk. Photo from Ivano-Frankovsk official website www.mvk.і


Ivano-Frankovsk (Ivano-Frankivs'k) city is a wonderful capital of Cis-Carpathian region (Eastern Galicia). This city bore the Austrian name of Stanislav before 1962. The city population is 240 thousand people. Ivano-Frankovsk is a magnificent city located between two rivers – Nadvornyanskaya and Solotvinskaya Bystritsa – in the foothills of the picturesque Carpathians. This extremely beautiful city amazes with its architectural monuments: in the center there is a town hall (50 meter high) with the gold-plated dome located near the Market square, Armenian Church, the cathedral of Voskreseniye, Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary, Triniatrian monastery and brewery. If you are in Ivano-Frankovsk visit the Musical and Drama Theater, puppet show, Folklore Theater, Lumiere cinema and regional Philharmonic Hall. You will find the new impressions in the museums: Museum of Family Professions, Cis-Carpathian Literature Museum, Cis-Carpathian Museum of Education, and Art Museum. You will enjoy unforgettable excursions around Ivano-Frankovsk (Ivano-Frankivs'k) region. May be you are interested in volcanoes? The only one active volcano in the territory of Ukraine is located on the western bank of Lukovitsa River. You will also see the unforgettable Manyavsky waterfall in the mountain gorge above Manyavsky monastery (20 meters high) – the water falls by a few cascades in the amazing lake.

There are a lot of health resorts in Carpathians where you can treat many diseases of respiratory system: bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, asthma and others. It is worth to visit these facilities, as the air is very contaminated in the megalopolises and such healthy experience and prophylaxis will benefit even a completely healthy person.

Entrepreneurship in versatile fields is flourishing in Ivano-Frankovsk region. The natural feature of the region is wood, so many enterprises work in woodworking industry. Cottages and hotels construction is a profitable sphere in Carpathians. In recent years many business owners are interested in green tourism development. The most popular places of rest are Verkhovina, Vorokhta, Yablunytsya, Tatarov, Kosov. A lot of health resorts and hotels are built there and many local people accommodate travelers in their cottages.

There are more than 360 objects of natural-reserved fund (total area of 68.8 thousand hectares) in Ivano-Frankovsk region. They include centrally managed Carpathians Natural National Park. It is the first and one of the largest national natural parks in Ukraine (40495 hectares). If you are fond of ski resorts, you should visit this place: modern camps Bukovel and Slavskoye are waiting for you. Come and drink healing water in Morshin and Truskavets – it is a good treatment of gastrointestinal issues.

Ivano-Frankovsk city: distance to Kiev is 561 km. Travel time: 1 hour 20 min by airplane.

Hotels in Ivano-Frankovsk: Stanislavsky Dvor, Bud’mo, Stanislav, Cheremosh.

Restaurants in Ivano-Frankovsk with Ukrainian cuisine: Staraya Krepost, Ukrainochka, Desyatka.

Chernovtsy (Chernivtsi)


Architectural ensemble of Theater Square of Chernovtsy. Photo by Konіg.

Chernovtsy – a center of Bukovina and the central city of Chernovtsy region. It is only 40 km of the border with Romania. The first records about the city are dated by 1408. Some time ago Chernovtsy was a capital of Bukovina, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that is why the central part of the city is almost completely built by the Austrians. This city is really beautiful, it is often called small Vienna.


Architectural ensemble of the residence of Russian Orthodox metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia in Chernovtsy. Nowadays Chernovtsy National University is located there. Photo by Konіg.

Places of interest in Chernovtsy (Chernivtsi): Chernovtsy University, the house with lions (palace of justice), Opera Theater, square of Holy Cross, Central Square, the Roman Catholic church of the Holy Cross Exaltation, house-ship, Turkish square, Philharmonic Hall, Jesuit church, Nikolaev (drunk) church.

Chernovtsy city: distance to Kiev is 538 km. Travel time: 1 hour 30 min by airplane.

Hotels in Chernovtsy: Andinna, Coral, Kiev, Tourist.

Restaurants in Chernovtsy with Ukrainian cuisine: Koleso, Stary Gorod, Tolsty Melnik.


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