National Open Air Museum “Pirogov”

A real Ukrainian village filled with the color of Ukraine of the 17th – 19th centuries – only 15 minutes away from the center of the capital – and you are in a cozy and green place, among the fields and birds, enjoying the real Ukrainian cuisine, relaxing drinking the mead made by the local mead makers and listening to the Ukrainian songs and music played on the real national instruments. The foreign tourists and the local Kiev inhabitants come to Kiev Museum Pirogov to enjoy all these things.

National Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle of Ukraine (this place is called differently: Pirogov, Open Air Museum “Pirogov”, Kiev Museum Pirogov, Pirogiv, Pirohiv).

“Pirogov” Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle of Ukraine (Pirogiv)

Kiev Museum Pirogov under the open air is an architectural and landscape complex located in the territory covering 150 hectares. All the ethnographic regions of Ukraine are presented there – Carpathians and Podol, Polesye, the south and north of Ukraine – more than 300 objects. Visiting Kiev Museum Pirogov founded in 1969 you will learn the facts about the lifestyle of the Ukrainians, which lived in the villages in the 17th – 19th centuries. The houses, churches, windmills and even the school were found and transported intact from the different regions of Ukraine. Everything was restored with time and many objects are used as mini-museums presenting the interior, clothes, embroidered shirts, carpets, textile fabrics, ceramics, paintings, instruments of labor, furniture, tableware and musical instruments. The total amount of museum pieces is 70000!

“Pirogov” Open Air Museum (Pirogiv)

Middle Dnieper region in Kiev Museum Pirogov is presented by the complex of objects: community centre with the village authority, church, parochial school, priest estate and tavern at the square.

There is an exposition of the unique windmills in the territory of Pirogov Museum. They also have an old Russian blockhouse of the 11th century and a house of the end of the 16th century built for 1 person, a wooden church from Kiev region of 1600, and a few churches of the 18th century from Transcarpathian region, Polesye, Cherkassy region: St Michael the Archangel, St Nicholas, St Martyr Parasceve, Protection of The Holy Mary Church where even today you can order the religious ceremony – baptismal service or wedding ceremony, or a service for the commemoration of a deceased person (by the prior arrangement).

Pirogov Museum has a special atmosphere at the holidays – the people merrily celebrate the traditional Ukrainian and religious events. If you are lucky to be in Ukraine at these days – visit Kiev Museum Pirogov and take part in the traditional celebration enjoying the atmosphere of the folk festival of the previous centuries. Maslenitsa festival (Pancake Day), Vesnyanki (Spring festival), Spring fairs, Days of embroidered shirts and weaving, Kosovitsa (mowing season), Ivana Kupala (St. John the Baptist), Day of potter, smith and braiding, Intercession... Every holiday is filled with the dancing, singing, shows of the folk groups, fair and folk festival. The masters present their works and create their masterpieces right in front of the audience. It is worth to see!

This place could be visited at any season. Here you would forget about your problems, enjoy the nature, listen to the silence and birds, ride the horses, have a lunch in a restaurant trying the national Ukrainian dishes and listening the live music.

Being at Pirogov Museum visit the restaurants of the Ukrainian cuisine: Kuleshnaya, Kabak, Yaryvtsy which are decorated in the national style with the embroidered shirts. The personnel here wear the traditional Ukrainian clothes and the group of the Cossacks would sing you many songs.

If you are interested in the history of the old Ukraine – visit the museum of Trypillya culture at the village of Archeological Museum in Trypillya near Kiev.

Pirogov Museum (Pirogiv): working hours: every day, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
You can order an excursion around Pirogov Museum in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.

Address of Pirogov Museum (Pirogiv): 03026, Kiev, village of Pirogov, tel. 526-5783, fax 526-2527.
Ticket price: 7-30 hrivnas.

How to get to Pirogov Museum: public transport from “Lybedskaya”, “Lukyanovskaya”, “Academgorodok” metro station or by taxi.

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