Sednev (Sedniv). This picturesque village located 25 km far from Chernigov has attracted the tourists’ attention at all times – first of all by its natural beauty. The small Snov River fancifully winds between the water meadows in the shadow of the magnificent hillsides where Sednev village is hidden in the cozy green embraces of old trees. This place has been inhabited since long time.


According to K. Karpinsky data Sednev (Sedniv) was the oldest town in Seversk locality. The historian gives the information about the large settlements and barrows, which were located in the territory of contemporary Sednev. He also explains the name of the town – the root ‘sed’ means ‘grey-haired’. The ancient barrows of the Bronze Era remind of the antiquity of this place. The archaeological finds in Sednev include even the fragment of Trypillya ceramics.

The records about this town and about the Old Rus' fortress-town Snovsk (the ancient name of Sednev) are found in the Primary Chronicle. Hegumen Daniil who went on a pilgrimage to Palestine in 1107 even compared Jordan River with Snov River. Snovsk has been a residence of the local princes for many years till in 1234 it was conquered by Vladimir Rurik, and Daniel of Galicia - the princes of Kiev. At different times this town belonged to Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Muscovy, and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The fame of fortress declined with time and the town turned into an ordinary Ukrainian village of Sednev. Only the remains of ramparts of the ancient settlement can remind of the fortification past of the town.

Sednev forgot about its military past and turned into a cultural center – it started to attract attention of the poets, artists, musicians, composers and their sponsors, noble aristocrats.

Sednev – famous people

Since the 17th century Sednev (Sedniv) became a residence of the Lizogubs (Lisohubs), which were the famous Ukrainian Cossack (later noble) family. Semen Lizogub was great-great-grandfather of Gogol, Alexander Lizogub was a composer, Andrey Lizogub was a friend of Taras Shevchenko.

This unique place has always been a place of interest. You would hardly find many Ukrainian villages with so many famous people. They were not only representatives of the artistic intelligentsia. In 1708 the Russian tsar Peter I visited Yakov Lizogub in Sednev. In 1954 a famous Ukrainian writer P. Tychina visited Sednev, in 1964 O. Gonchar and Yu. Zbanatsky came to Sednev.

In July 1979 Vlamir Konkin, the actor, visited Sednev. By the way, a lot of things in Sednev are related to the cinematograph. A famous movie “Viy” was shot there. This movie was called the first Soviet horror film. “Grigory Skovoroda”, “The battalions ask for fire”, “Mikhail Kotsyubinsky” – these films were also shot at the territory of the settlement.

After Ukraine became independent, the settlement was visited by the President of Ukraine L. M. Kravchuk and later L. D. Kuchma.

The healing properties of air and iodated water of Snov River, which flows near the hills where Sednev is located, are famous among people. In 1957 there even was a SPA resort (closed now).

In 60s years of the 20th century contemporary artists preferred to spend time in Sednev and they opened the Art and Rest center of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Many famous contemporary artists of Ukraine and the USSR worked and spent vacations in Sednev.

In 2001 the settlement of Sednev was entered in the list of the historical towns of Ukraine (by the Cabinet of Ministers order).

Sednev is a place where the annual festival – Sednev Autumn – is conducted. The best folk groups, masters of popular art, and representatives of the artistic intelligentsia from Chernigov and the whole Ukraine visit this festival.

People celebrate a Day of Settlement in Sednev on June 30.

Superlative beauty of Sednev landscape attracts the artists and tourists. Here you can enjoy wonderful Sednev’s nature. The views of Sednev represent the beauty of the Ukrainian nature for many visitors. You can enjoy walking along Sednev’s streets finding a lot of interesting and picturesque places. The old cemetery under the age-old oaks and even hydropower station on Snov River look really picturesque. Visit Sednev, and feel its poetry and music.

How to get to Sednev (Sedniv): distance from Chernigov 25 km. You can take a bus or a minibus (departure is once an hour) from Chernigov bus station to Sednev (Sedniv). You can also drive there by car (Р13 highway).

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