Kiev City tour by car

During panoramic city tour we will show you a beautiful city with its centenary history and rich culture.




Apostille in Ukraine

Apostіlle in Ukraine

Usually the clients have a lot of questions when they need to issue Apostіlle in Ukraine or to obtain some official documents in order to use them overseas. Especially when the clients are abroad and they need to obtain such documents in Ukraine. The preparation and issuance of the documents and Apostіlle in Ukraine can be very easy procedure – you do not need to know the details of work of each permitting body in Ukraine. All you need to do is to contact us, complete the form, explain what you need, send the documents to our address wait a courier call at your own address abroad. We solve such issues every day and if you are interested we can tell what to do to issue Apostіlle in Ukraine.



Familiarization Tours to Ukraine

Familiarization tours to Ukraine

To get familiar with the unique and interesting places of Ukraine we offer you the familiarization tours to Ukraine. What do you know about Ukraine? Sure, everybody knows Kiev. Recently more and more foreign tourists come to Ukraine to see the historical monuments located in the capital of Ukraine. Sure, everybody knows about Chernobyl disaster – more and more visitors come to Ukraine to visit Chernobyl nuclear power plant and dead town of Pripyat. Many people know about the Crimea, Odessa – a pearl located at the Black Sea coast, a city loved by French people and Lvov, which was an apple of discord for neighboring countries for many years. Baturin, a capital of Ukrainian hetmanship and Mukachevo, a western diamond of Ukraine... May be you are more interested in modern industrial cities like Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk?



Specіal Offer for Medіa

Specіal Offer for Medіa

You are a journalist of some print media, network news agency, e-Media, television or radio company... You are assigned to visit Ukraine and not to come back without interesting materials! Lately a lot of events occurred in Ukraine and they are worth media’s attention – Orange Revolution, next elections Ukrainian people counted so much on, participation in Eurovision and victory of Ukrainian participants, gas crisis, 25th anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster, European Football Championship Euro-2012... Due to these events and continuous work of mass media journalists Ukraine becomes more and more popular in the world... We seek objectivity and we are interested in your stories about Ukraine to be creative, timely, professional, interesting and informative.



Translation, Legalisation, Your Documents Support

Translatіon, legalіzatіon, your documents support

We started with the translations... Page after page, article after article, document after document... Translation is a big responsibility. It requires attentiveness and self-control. And perfect knowledge of the foreign and native language (read about language features in Ukraine here), understanding of the subject matter and care of details. Both Russian and Ukrainian are the native languages for many people who were born and grew in the Soviet Union. We cooperate with the colleagues who specialize in translation from English, French, German, Chinese and other languages into Russian / Ukrainian. Every translator is a professional in his/her sphere. These translators live in different regions of Ukraine and they will do their best to provide the correct translations in due time.



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