Familiarization tours to Ukraine

To get familiar with the unique and interesting places of Ukraine we offer you the familiarization tours to Ukraine. What do you know about Ukraine? Sure, everybody knows Kiev. Recently more and more foreign tourists come to Ukraine to see the historical monuments located in the capital of Ukraine. Sure, everybody knows about Chernobyl disaster – more and more visitors come to Ukraine to visit Chernobyl nuclear power plant and dead town of Pripyat. Many people know about the Crimea, Odessa – a pearl located at the Black Sea coast, a city loved by French people and Lvov, which was an apple of discord for neighboring countries for many years. Baturin, a capital of Ukrainian hetmanship and Mukachevo, a western diamond of Ukraine... May be you are more interested in modern industrial cities like Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk?

Familiarization tours to Ukraine

They will help you to get to know everything you are interested about Ukraine and to enjoy its most beautiful places.

And what do you know about castles and fortresses of Ukraine? About landscape parks and historical monuments which have remained till today? And what about an adventure of real fishing or hunting tour? Or may be you would like to spend a week in a real Ukrainian village – Sokoliny Hutor (Falcon Farm) and taste the real Ukrainian cuisine, enjoy the real Cossack baths or ride the horse and sing Ukrainian songs?

Familiarization tours to Ukraine will help you to see such interspersing places of Ukraine as Transcarpathian region, Halychyna, Bukovina and Polesye... Would you like to arrange really unique and exotic vacation? If you are bored with the standard recreation program, welcome to Ukraine! Unforgettable impressions and a lot of adventures are guaranteed! Why you think Ukraine was so attractive for your grandparents and great grandparents, Hungarians, Poles, Swedes, Turks, Tatars, Germans, Austrians, Russians and... yes, yes, Frenchmen!? May be by its originality, views or may be as the French say – cherchez la femme?!

Trip to Ukraine

Planning your first trip to Ukraine you will have a lot of organizational and informative questions, as hearing the name “Ukraine” many people are still surprised and ask where this Ukraine is located. Traveling to the unknown country you will ask the following questions:

Trip to Ukraine

  • How to get to Ukraine;
  • Where to stay in the Ukrainian cities;
  • How to arrange the tour around Ukraine;
  • How to get the transport in the Ukrainian cities;
  • Which places of Ukraine to chose for visiting;
  • How to arrange the familiarization tours to Ukraine;
  • What interesting things to see in Ukraine;
  • How much money to take and what to spend them for;
  • Do they speak my language in Ukraine;
  • Where to accommodate and where to eat in Ukraine;
  • What kind of people Ukrainians are;
  • What traditions and customs Ukrainians have.

...possibly we will ask even more questions to plan the trip to the country which is little known in the world.

Possibly you would be more comfortable if you know for sure that you come to the country where you have friends who are waiting for you, who will not only arrange your arrival in Ukraine, organize a familiarization tour to Ukraine and its cities but will be ready to flexibly respond to your wishes. Something like “rescue service” which speaks your language in any city of Ukraine. We have prepared a lot of interesting information and useful tips for you (see the chapter My Ukraine: cities of Ukraine, nature of Ukraine, interesting places of Ukraine, which are worth to visit, information for the tourists in Ukraine (hotels, restaurants, roads, visas, reference information), interesting Ukraine - articles about Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian people), and so on). If you wish us to arrange tour trip and staying in Ukraine, planning everything completely, just tell us about your preferences. We will help you to organize your program and plan the budget of your trip to Ukraine, no matter if it would be a short familiarization tour to Ukraine or long business trip to Ukraine. The cost calculation is guaranteed as soon as possible.

We have prepared a booklet about Ukraine for your conveniences. You can download it from the Booklet about Ukraine page.

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