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You are a journalist of some print media, network news agency, e-Media, television or radio company... You are assigned to visit Ukraine and not to come back without interesting materials! Lately a lot of events occurred in Ukraine and they are worth media’s attention – Orange Revolution, next elections Ukrainian people counted so much on, participation in Eurovision and victory of Ukrainian participants, gas crisis, 25th anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster, European Football Championship Euro-2012... Due to these events and continuous work of mass media journalists Ukraine becomes more and more popular in the world... We seek objectivity and we are interested in your stories about Ukraine to be creative, timely, professional, interesting and informative.

Special offers for mass media representatives in Ukraine (journalists)

We have great experience in cooperation with journalists, mass media representatives (see Testimonials) and it would be our pleasure to offer the range of services to the journalists of print and media agencies in Ukraine. Quality organization of your visit to Ukraine is a basis for successful and creative journalistic materials preparation.

Local market knowledge and linguistic skills allow us to offer the following services to the journalists and other representatives of the foreign mass media:

Special offers for mass media representatives in Ukraine (journalists)

  • complete travel arrangement to Ukraine: accommodation, transport, meals, useful tips about staying in Ukraine),
  • preliminary work to arrange the interviews,
  • making appointments and arrangement of meetings and interviews,
  • search for interesting people and materials for mass media,
  • issuance of inquiry letters to get permissions and accreditation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine, linguistic accompaniment at time of shooting, taking interview and editing,
  • translation and sound recording of journalistic materials,
  • search for required photo and video materials in Ukraine prepared by Ukrainian colleagues,
  • development of the tour around Ukrainian cities and transport support (with or without the driver),
  • cell phone leasing (local Ukrainian operator),
  • accreditation to visit the formal events for representatives of the foreign mass media,
  • supplying information about formal and informal events in Ukraine, in any city and region of the country.

Writing an article, creating a programme or developing news release is a creative process. We are sure that you should avoid distraction for organizational moments – leave them to professionals. I hope you would be interested in our special offers in Ukraine for journalists and mass media representatives.

You have special important matters in Ukraine and you do not know whom to entrust and be sure that everything will be done well? We have seen worse! Contact us, may be we will be useful for you too!

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