Translatіon, legalіzatіon, your documents support

We started with the translations... Page after page, article after article, document after document... Translation is a big responsibility. It requires attentiveness and self-control. And perfect knowledge of the foreign and native language (read about language features in Ukraine here), understanding of the subject matter and care of details. Both Russian and Ukrainian are the native languages for many people who were born and grew in the Soviet Union. We cooperate with the colleagues who specialize in translation from English, French, German, Chinese and other languages into Russian / Ukrainian. Every translator is a professional in his/her sphere. These translators live in different regions of Ukraine and they will do their best to provide the correct translations in due time.

Translation into Russian / translation into Ukrainian, legalization, documents support

Our basic specialization is a translation of business documentation into Russian / Ukrainian

We translate the following documents:

  • statutory documents, articles of incorporation, resolutions of general meetings;
  • agreements, contracts;
  • certificates, permissions, decisions, customs documents;
  • standards, patents;
  • court decisions, regulations, orders;
  • conclusions, acts, business plans;
  • marketing and promotional materials, presentations;
  • we take care of the documents legalization and apostille in Ukraine;
  • discovery of documents in judicial authorities in Ukraine for private persons, discovery of birth, marriage, divorce certificates, etc.;
  • documents preparation for visas issuance.

We offer a separate helpful and convenient service – assistance to Ukrainian expatriates to urgently get documents in Ukraine. After we receive the apostilled documents they will be sent to your address by the express mail.

We also cooperate with the agencies in Russia, France, Canada. We will be happy to offer the translation services (into Russian / Ukrainian) from native-speaking translators.

We prefer interpreting: it allows communicating with interesting people and visiting interesting places. Interpreter is an exciting profession – you are working and at the same time taking part at the excursion... Generally speaking, an interpreter is a universal specialist who should be familiar with different events in versatile spheres, know details of different activities and certainly be diplomatic. And it is continuous development and improvement.

If you are planning a trip to Ukraine you can always rely on our assistance. It would be our pleasure to recommend you an interpreter into Russian / Ukrainian in any city of Ukraine whose competence will meet your requirements:

Translatіon, legalіzatіon, your documents support

  • interpretation of business negotiations;
  • participation in exhibitions;
  • interpretation of seminars, conferences;
  • participation in manufacturing processes, starting-up and adjustment operations;
  • accompaniment of journalists, interpretation of interviews, for media companies – fixer services in Ukraine;
  • execution of documents at the notary office by a certified translator;
  • translation of video materials, movies, presentations;
  • interpretation services in Ukraine and overseas;
  • information search in Russian / Ukrainian Internet publications;
  • telephone interpreting services.

All you need to do is to complete the order form and describe the services you need. We will send you the cost estimation as soon as possible.

To get acquainted with the general terms of the translation and interpretation services of Ukraіne for Busіness (UB) (PDF-file, 59 Kb).

P.S. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Download confidentiality agreement here (PDF-file, 41 Kb).

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