Translation and interpretation services

What advice would we give to the foreigners crossing the border? First if all to use the professional services of an interpreter! Paying a small amount you not only cooperate with a person who understands everything around (he/she understands the reality of the country for 100%) and speaks the native language but the interpreter becomes your authorized representative who presents and protects your interests. Not always the necessity of the interpreter services is obvious. Though an interpreter is one of the most important and widespread professions in the world, the information about interpreter services seldom appears in the newspapers and many people have false imagination about this profession.

Translation and interpretation services

Interpreter and translator services – translation and interpretation

Separate direction of interpreter services is translation services, which requires attentiveness to the small things, diligence and competence in many spheres. Prior starting the translation, the translator should review a lot of material regarding the subject and go into the root of the matter and only then he/she is able not only to translate the words and phrases but the meaning and different culturological, ethnic, historical, technical, economic and political aspects and shades of the text. That is why translators are considered to be erudite persons able to talk about different subjects for hours.

Usually starting a trip to the unknown country whose language the tourist does not know, he/she hopes to use a phrase-book. But we can’t imagine how he/she would talk with a native person at a store, airport, bus or railway station, hotel or in the street walking around the city. It would be funny!

To our opinion it is better to use the interpreter services. The tourist will be guaranteed the quiet of the mind and feeling of the real rest. When a tourist is having a rest his/her maters are settled by the accompanying him/her interpreter. It is known that often the cunning salespersons of the souvenir shops earn money on the foreigners. The taxi drivers profit from the lack of knowledge about the rates. It is not easy to order the dinner at the restaurant if you do not know the dish ingredients. You can’t do without interpreter services and his/her accompanying. Interpreters are the people fluently speaking the foreign language and understanding the subtleties of the foreign language. They are also great communicators and diplomats. Participation of a good linguist increases the chances to have the successful negotiations.

Using interpreter services the tourist has a lot of advantages. They include meeting at the airport, accommodation in the hotel, walks around the city, tickets reservation, solution of the existing issues (telephone calls – even the President of Ukraine!), visits to the different institutions and the most important – communication in the native for the foreigner language and creating pleasant for the rest atmosphere.

Translation and interpretation services

The interpreter accompanying you will be your right hand person. At time of negotiation he/she does not only provide interpretation services and translates from one language into another but also creates the atmosphere of mutual understanding and partnership. With the interpreter help you can achieve mutual understanding with the people who not only speak the different languages but represent the different cultures and who can have absolutely different ideas about the business.

If you arrange international conference or workshop in which representatives from the different countries take part and you are not able to spend time for consecutive interpreting, you should use the services of simultaneous interpreting. This kind of translation is very difficult. It requires attention, concentration, persistence and great emotional intellect. This kind of interpreting is performed simultaneously with the aural perception. The interpreter should immediately interpret the text offered once (as a rule it is a dialog, conference). It means that the simultaneous interpreter listens to one language and speaks the other simultaneously. The simultaneous interpreting is a stressful work that is why they work in pairs, for 15-20 minutes each. As a rule the simultaneous interpreting is carried out in a special interpretation cabin using special equipment.

Often the organizers of the events do not differentiate the consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. Ordering the interpretation services in the agency they say that they need two simultaneous interpreters for the conference (or the other event). Really they need the services of 2 interpreters for the consecutive interpreting in front of a small group of participants and there is no special interpretation cabin with special equipment. Sure it is the matter of the specialists to sort out these professional nuances. If you need interpretation services we would offer you to contact the specialists, who would clarify the details, provide the estimate of costs and assist to arrange your trip or event in the best way.

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