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In our century of information technology development, when time goes more and more quickly, and at the strange reasons time is never enough, when goods exchange, commercial and cultural connections between different countries become more and more close, and trips abroad thanks to the aircraft construction development became an usual thing, it is important to know foreign languages and, desirably several. For those who values time, learning foreign languages by Skype will be very useful. We suggest you to learn Russian (and may be somebody need also Ukrainian) by Skype. Whom our services can be useful for? If you are a foreign student and plan to study in Ukraine, it will be correct to arrive in Ukraine with basic knowledge of Russian. Probably, you plan to start some business in Ukraine (Opportunities for business in Ukraine) and in this case the knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian languages will be certainly very opportunely. Recently the work of foreign citizens in the company representative offices abroad is very popular. Ex-patriots knowing about their business trip in advance can learn Russian by Skype being still at home, without leaving their house. May be you have decided to marriage with the girl from Ukraine or Russia? She will be very surprised with your knowledge of her native language!

Learn Russian by Skype

ADVANTAGES of learning Russian by Skype:

  • Learning Russian by Skype passes at your home, in your favorite slippers, in front of your computer known backwards, with a cup of your favorite and prepared by yourself coffee.
  • Lessons could be conducted at home, in business trips, during travel! You don’t need any break during the course of lessons. You can choose the time and lessons schedule suitable for you!
  • Together with the teacher you correct your individual program content of learning Russian by Skype.
  • Studying materials are selected according to your level of Russian knowledge and according to your wish to study.
  • You make your own schedule and easily change the date of the lesson.
  • You save money for gasoline thereby you save your money and invaluable time, spending it not for traffics on the roads but for your hobbies or communication with friends and family.
  • Right at home you speak by Skype with the native speaker, without need to make a long travel abroad. You surprise your friends with your knowledge as you receive an ideal pronunciation with home delivery.
  • The individual schedule, depending on your level, chosen program, individual tasks, your purposes and wishes.
  • You are concentrated exactly on learning, but not on organizational questions.
  • Efficiency of learning Russian by Skype is similar to learning with the individual tutor, and sometimes even above because you concentrate on studying, without distracting on something another. It also gives an opportunity to make all efforts to let the teacher understand you, as he can’t see you and you aren’t able to use mimicry and gestures.
  • You choose the lesson duration by yourself, from 30 minutes and more. But we advise not to be so fast and to remember that in language learning the regularity of the lessons is more important than the quantity of ours.

Learn Russian by Skype

Courses of learning Russian by Skype:

  • General course Russian by Skype.
  • Business course Russian by Skype.
  • The program for foreign hotels and restaurants employees.
  • Express Course for tourists.

Practical steps of learning Russian by Skype

For learning Russian by Skype all you need is the high-speed Internet access, program Skype (www.skype.com) established in your computer or similar, ear-phones and microphone.

In appointed time your teacher will contact you by Skype and will begin the lesson.

It is possible to change the date of the lesson according to the general conditions of providing services of learning Russian / Ukrainian by Skype.

With what to start learning Russian by Skype?

Everything is really very simple.

If you want to take a test lesson of Russian by Skype, just send us e-mail on the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , state your full name, and also the Skype address to contact you. We will absolutely contact you and we will give you the first test lesson without any obligations from you. We are sure you’d like that!

And than only three steps:

01You fill the order application on our website, thereby confirming that you liked a test lesson and send it via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can also use the convenient online order application on our website.

02Considering your wishes, we send you an invoice and the contract on producing services, giving you the individual number, and we offer you candidates as the teacher.

03After the payment was done you should inform us via e-mail about paying out according to account, and in fixed time the teacher will contact you. It has started!

Services cost and discount for learning Russian by Skype

The price for one lesson is 20 euros. But for regular customers and with a total payment there is the discounts system.

You can order test lesson without any payment obligations. If you like it, and you decide to continue learning Russian by Skype, you can get a minimum of 5 lessons on 20 euros, without risk to spend money for unknown services. But remember that making a payment for the 20 first lessons you receive a 15 percent discount!!!

We have also accumulation discount system! After 20th paid lesson you receive constant 5% discount and in the case you advise our services for your friends you receive one free lesson for each friend!

To save the possibility to study with the same teacher in the same day and time don't forget to make payments for the next lessons in time.

Ways of payment

You can pay for learning Russian by Skype in this ways:

  • E-cash WebMoney;
  • Electronic payment Moneybookers (Skrill);
  • Transfer of means by system Western Unіon, Anelіc, Contact or any other systems;
  • Bank payment in currency on company bank account.

Inform us the desirable method of payment in the order application, and we will give you account requisites.

We wish you success your study!

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