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Full text of the Agreement of company Ukraіne for Busіness (UB) website ukraіne-for-busі use in pdf format.

General terms and conditions of ukraіne-for-busі website use

We kindly ask you to take your time and review the terms and conditions of website use, which are specified below (hereinafter referred to as “Website”). Website use involves the agreement with all General terms and conditions of website use, which henceforth are the agreement concluded between you and UB company (Ukraine for Business).

This website has been developed and is supported at the expense of UB company. You can contact us completing the contact form on the site.

Privacy policy

UB company follows the policy of the personal data protection. It concerns the users information, which the company, someway or other, appears to get due to the website use. Under no circumstances should we use it with the purposes which are not connected with the service provision and we guarantee to keep it confidential if it is required by the terms of cooperation with the user. UB company undertakes not to submit any user data to the third parties without the user permission, and do it only if it is necessary to provide the appropriate services to the user. UB company respects confidentiality of each user and shall not disclose, sell, share and release your personal information (including e-mail) to the third parties. Please review our confidentiality policy to get more information.

Intellectual property

The texts, articles, layouts, logotypes, images, photographs, sound and video elements, used on this website are author's ones, they are protected by the right of intellectual property and exclusively belong to UB company unless otherwise is specified on the website.

Photographs and illustrations placed in the galleries belong to their authors: Iya Zaitseva, Natalia Khan and Yevgen Goncharenko. The other photos and illustrations used on the website were received on the stock photo sites - and www.deposі, by Royalty Free Content unless otherwise is specified on the website.

It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, represent, print, reprint or distribute on any medium and by any way the information provided on this website without preliminary written consent of the owner of the data mentioned. Failure to comply with this prohibition is considered to be fraud and is a subject to civil and criminal liability for the persons, who illegally use intellectual property.

If copyright is violated, UB company reserves the right of criminal prosecution of the infringers in accordance with the Ukrainian law, and application of measures necessary to prevent the illegal use and violation of the mentioned copyright.

In case of materials quotation, which are used on this website, provided the availability of the preliminary consent to quote, it is mandatory to place the active indexed link to the website and to the original article.

The link to ukraіne-for-busі website does not provide the right of the partial or complete reproduction of this website content. If you have questions concerning the content quotation, please contact us at the address mentioned below or use our contact form in the website.

It is forbidden to use and enter to the database the e-mails mentioned in this website in order to arrange mass mailing or to enter them to the database.

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UB – Nauki avenue 69/114, Kyiv, 03083 Ukraine

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We recommend you to review the full text of the Agreement of UB (Ukraіne for Busіness) company website ukraіne-for-busі use pdf format (98 Kb).

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Ukraine for businessUkraine for Business (UB) provide the services to the foreigners in the sphere of business and educational tourism, traveling, organization of conferences, translation and interpretation.