Ukraine for Business (UB)

Ukraine for Business (UB) is a team of partners who provide the services to the foreigners in the sphere of business and educational tourism, traveling, organization of conferences, translation and interpretation into Russian / Ukrainian, Russian language teaching via Skype. Our mission is to be a real center providing the services to the foreigners in Ukraine where everybody can find what he/she needs.

Ukraine for Business (UB)

We have been working with the foreigners since 1998 and since then we have solved a lot of versatile problems which run far beyond the translation services. We often imagine what it would be – to get in the country whose language we do not know, where we have no friends and only a few people speak our language... What would we feel? Where to find assistance if we need it? Then we decided to create a comfort zone where every foreigner coming to Ukraine on business or privately and wishing to get to know more about our country, its culture, history and places of interest, who is eager to visit this state which is still not well known in the world, could get all useful information, answers to the questions and assistance and support in any sphere and direction – everything in one place – feeling like he/she is visiting his friends’ home, a friend who can help and settle all issues.

Today Ukraine for Business (UB) cooperates with the translators and interpreters, hotels and apartments’ owners, lawyers and market specialists, organizers of the trips and conferences. Together we are able to completely arrange your tour to Ukraine – you won’t need to cooperate with a few companies. We do not sell tours, trips or translations. We take care of your problems in our country making you assured, calm and guaranteed that everything will be done as good as possible. Can we perform all your requests as some our competitors promise telling that they are better? Sure not, we are not magicians! But satisfied clients tell that we do our best to help you.

The services we provide include:

We offer comprehensive assistance to the foreign businessmen, journalists, tourists in Ukraine.

Sure you would ask yourself who we are and if you can trust us. We understand this, as we have never met before and it is a big thing to trust the unknown company! No matter what beautiful slogans and words are used to convince you – we are sure in one thing – you should try to cooperate with us and you will recommend us to your friends as our other clients do. Our clients include journalists, who usually set us the most interesting tasks which look like in the fairy tale – go somewhere I do not know where and bring something I do not know what exactly... And these people give our telephone numbers to their colleagues. Our clients are businessmen (beauty, fashion, agrobusiness, health – top ten), ordinary travelers and private clients, who order translations and documents support with their further legalization and Apostille application... We hope that it will be you who would recommend us the directions of our further development...

AFP, RTL, France 2, Ukrsibbank (BNP Parіbas Group), DMC... have already taken the advantages of cooperation with us. Do you still have doubts? See you in Ukraine!


Ukraine for Business (UB)

Сакральный тур в Перу


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Ukraine for businessUkraine for Business (UB) provide the services to the foreigners in the sphere of business and educational tourism, traveling, organization of conferences, translation and interpretation.