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We even do not know which words to use describing Kiev (Kyiv) truly, briefly and in details. One can speak about tourist Kiev for hours, as it is a magic city. It has a rich thousand-year history. The city shows the beautiful old historical and architectural monuments to its visitors. To see everything a few hours excursion won’t be enough. To feel Kiev you will need at least a few days. Sightseeing, museums and show-rooms, parks, gardens and squares, temples and small churches – find the time to walk not only famous tour routes of this city but to find out the secrets of the magic and unknown Kiev, which has been keeping a lot of legends and secrets for many centuries…



Business Kiev

Modern Kiev (Kyiv) is one of the largest cities in Europe. It is an administrative, political and economic center of Ukraine. Government facilities, Ukrainian Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, foreign embassies, foreign representative offices, head offices of the international non-governmental organizations, associations and multinational institutions are located in Kiev. Kiev is not only the business activity center for the Ukrainian enterprises; it is also the place where a lot of international events, conferences, exhibitions, show and sport events are held. Kiev was chosen the capital of the European football Championship which will be held in 2012 (Euro-2012).




Chernigov (Chernihiv) is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. The first records of this city are dated by the beginning of the 10th century. Since 1024 till 1036 this city was even the capital of Kievan Rus! Today Chernigov is one the most beautiful cities of our country. There you can visit a lot of monuments of architecture and history. Here one fourth of all Ukrainian landmarks of the period previous to Tartar Mongol Yoke are located. The history of Kievan Rus and the Principality of Chernigov was written here. The names of the outstanding historical personalities (Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich (1054-1073), the son of Yaroslav, the Wise, Vladimir Monomakh (1076-1094), the hero of The Song of Igor's Campaign – Igor Svyatoslavovich) are connected with the history of this city. This city survived the siege of the Tartar Mongol forces of Batu Khan (1239). Polish forces (1320), Kiev Princes (1340) fought to conquer this city. In the 11th century Lithuania conquered Chernigov, and later it belonged to Muscovy and in the beginning of the 17th century to Poland.




Ukrainian edition of the FORBES magazine rated the city of Lviv (Lvov), situated in Western Ukraine 564km from Kyiv (1 hour 40 min flight, night train, car), as number four (after Kyiv, Odessa і Kharkov) in the list of Ukrainian cities with best recommendations for starting a business. Lviv won due to the factors which experts called “human resources” (number 1) and “investment climate” (number 2 in the country).



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