Ukraіne Landscape

Ukraine is located in the center of Europe (according to the data of Ukrainian scientists, the center of Europe is nearby Carpathian small town Rahov), has very favorable climatic, landscape and natural conditions. It is sure that our ancestors has very carefully chosen the place for creation the settlement which than has turned in the country. A favorable climate of Ukraine, natural resources reserves, steppes with fertile black soil, woods, mountains, seas and rivers... So, let’s start step by step, – Ukrainian landscape.

Ukrainian landscape

The territory of Ukraine is 603.7 thousand km2, i.e. 5.7% of the territory of Europe and 0.44% of the territory of the world. 5% of Ukrainian landscape is the hills, and 9 % are plains which are divided on the mixed woods, forest-steppe and steppe. These are lowlands and small uplands of 300-500 meters.

In the west of the country, at the border with Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania the landscape of Ukraine is diversified with mountains Carpathians. The highest top of Ukraine is Carpathian Mountain Goverla which has the height of 2061 meter above sea level. The part of Carpathians situated on the territory of Ukraine has the name East Carpathians which average height is 1000 meters. Carpathians mountains attract tourists coming here to have a rest and enjoy with fresh air and nature, and also fans of mountain skiing. There are three the most famous ski resorts of Ukraine – Slavsky, Dragobrat and Bukovel. Slavsky is the training-center of the Soviet sports national team. This center goes more for professional skiers than for fans, but residence and comfort conditions leaves much to be desired. Recently the Bukovel resort is in popular demand. The length of ski lines here is 50 km, they are equipped with new elevators and new guns for snow producing. Naturally the prices are much higher in comparison with Slavsky, but the residence and sport training comfort are much better. But if you are an extreme lower, Dragobrat is exactly that what you need. It is the highest skiing base in Ukraine located near the mountain Stog (1707m) where thanks to the unique climate and the height natural snow during 5 months (at the tops) is guaranteed. East Carpathians occupy the territory of 4 Ukrainian regions – Lvov (Lvov), Chernovzy, Ivano-Frankovsk and Transcarpathian region. A lot of rivers flow out the mountains. Some of them are considered to be the purest in Europe. Mountains make a pleasure for the most fastidious nature fans, offering rest on the most splendid lakes, and the most beautiful and the purest from them is considered to be Sinevir. The Carpathian small river Tysa is one of the most favorite places of kayak fans. And mineral water sources and coniferous vegetation making the air crystal-clear and filled with essence attract tourists not only for rest, but also for treatment of digestive apparatus and respiratory system. Exactly here you can eat the real cowberry, a bilberry and wild strawberry, because here they are really non-polluting: the nearest industrial zones are located in some hundreds kilometers from mountains.

Ukrainian landscape

Adding about the Ukrainian landscape it should be mentioned that in Carpathians, not far from the Hust city, there is a unique valley which puts on yellow attire when thousand narcissuses begin to blossom on it. It has the same name – the Valley of narcissuses. Thousand years ago karstic caves and stone salt deposits were formed in mountains with saline lakes above them which by their quality are similar to the Israeli Dead Sea.

Another one Ukrainian landscape unit is the Crimean Mountains which are stretched by three ridges in the south of Ukraine, on peninsula Crimea, almost 180 kilometers from Sevastopol to Feodosiya. The width of mountains averages 40-50 km, and the highest point of the mountains is mountain Roman Kosh (1545m). From plateau Ah-Petri (1234) to the Miskhor city there is the longest rope-line with unsupported span in Europe. How to describe Crimea briefly? Crimea is both the Grand Canyon which looks as the huge crack appeared after displacement of terrestrial layers and a great number of mountain small rivers with crystal-clear water. And waterfalls … And also so-called Bath of youth where everyone who wishes to rejuvenate, should bathe despite the water temperature doesn't exceed 9 degrees even in hot days. Crimea is a great number of monuments of landscape gardening culture and art which we were left in the inheritance by our ancestors. The rests of the lost ancient Greek colony Chersonese which is the center of archaeological researches of scientists now, Bakhchisarai, which is the capital of the former Crimean khanate, and also the architecture pearls, left by tsars of Russian empire – Alupka, Gurzuf, Livadia, Massandra, Foros and other palaces named the monuments of the state value.

Crimea is also the Black sea (which coastline length on Ukrainian territory is 1540 km) where about 300 small rivers and small streams fall into with their fresh water. It has almost ocean blue and limpidity on depth of 25 meters. Through the Kerch channel the Black sea connects with internal the sea of Azov (which coastline length is 1472 km) which is the most continental and the smallest sea on the Earth (the maximum depth is not more than 14 meters). Seacoasts are sandy and in winter near seacoast the sea freezes because of small salinity of water (especially in northern part), that surprises some observers. By its size the Sea of Azov is 10 times less than the Black sea, but by vegetative and animals bodies quantity it was the leader in the world until recent times! Unfortunately, now the ecological situation in region becomes critical and the sea needs the help.

And the last about Ukrainian landscape: the main rivers of Ukraine are Danube, Dnepr and Southern Bug. In total in Ukraine there are 73 thousand rivers, among them 4 thousand with length more than 10 km and almost 160 rivers with length more than 100 km. In total on the territory of Ukraine there are about 20000 bodies of water which include more than 3000 lakes, 850 large water basins, estuaries, ponds. Is it any use to be surprised with fauna and flora great variety? May it’s better to come and to see with your own eyes?

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