National Open Air Museum “Pirogov”

A real Ukrainian village filled with the color of Ukraine of the 17th – 19th centuries – only 15 minutes away from the center of the capital – and you are in a cozy and green place, among the fields and birds, enjoying the real Ukrainian cuisine, relaxing drinking the mead made by the local mead makers and listening to the Ukrainian songs and music played on the real national instruments. The foreign tourists and the local Kiev inhabitants come to Kiev Museum Pirogov to enjoy all these things.

National Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle of Ukraine (this place is called differently: Pirogov, Open Air Museum “Pirogov”, Kiev Museum Pirogov, Pirogiv, Pirohiv).




It is not surprising that Trypillya culture (Tripolie culture), or Cucuteni culture is a complete mystery for many people not only in the world but here in Ukraine to, though it is considered to be one of the most ancient agricultural cultures. It was opened not long ago. It is underexplored and arises more questions, contradictions and arguments than there are answers to them. We will try to prove that not only Romans and Greeks can be proud with the achievements which made their ancestors famous, that the important historical events occurred not only in their territory. The Ukrainian land can also tell many interesting things about the development of civilization on its territory starting since 5400-2700 B.C.




Carpathian Mountains located in the Western part of Ukraine are 280 lm long. Four Ukrainian regions are situated around Carpathian Mountains – Cis-Carpathian region (central city is Ivano-Frankovsk), Trans-Carpathian region (central city is Uzhgorod), Lvov region (central city is Lvov) and Chernovtsy region (central city is Chernovtsy). The highest point of Ukrainian Carpathians is Goverla Mountain, which is 2061 m high. There are gas fields, oil-fields, sulfur, brown coal, ozocerite and salt deposits in Carpathians.



Autonomous Republic of Crimea

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the south of Ukraine occupies the territory of 26 thousand square kilometers with the population of a bit more than 2 million people, and has common sea boundaries with Russia.

Experts consider Crimea to be one of the most attractive regions in the country from the point of view of investments. Such conditions were formed due to the favourable geographic and economic position, natural resources and an enormous potential as a resort area. According to the periodical Status, the Crimean region takes the first place in the country in terms of infrastructure development and provides one third of all tourism services in Ukraine.



Medzhybіzh Castle

Medzhybіzh town (located 25 km of Khmelnitsky) is first mentioned in Hypatian Chronicle of 1146-1148. The town was given this complicated name as it is located in a very picturesque place where Yuzhny Bug River is connected with its left feeder – Buzhok. Driving the road (the town is located 1 km of the highway Vinnitsa – Khmelnitsky) you can see the second popular fortress of Khmelnitsky region. You could not pass the brick “White SwanMedzhybіzh castle – you will recognize the unique view (the area of the castle territory is 0.75 hectares) and castle which has survived till our days.



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