Have you ever heard anything about Radomyshl? You haven’t, we are sure! Even not all of the citizens of Ukraine have been there and know what lurks behind this unusual, but such a euphonious name. However, although the town suffered from a decline during Soviet and post-Soviet era, it preserved the spirit of an ancient city, which greatly influenced the development of Ukrainian culture, history, philosophy and science.



Bukrin Bridgehead

It is necessary to remember.
Bukrin Bridgehead is a place on the right bank of the Dnieper River not far from Big Bukrin, 80 km far from Kyiv (southern-eastern direction). During the World War II it was in the center of “Battle for Dnieper River” operation in September 1943. It was captured by the forces of Voronezh front. Bukrin Bridgehead is still a blank page in the history of Ukraine.



Ukraіne Nature

We have been told many times by the foreigners that in summer Ukraine strikes with its greenery. Some people are amazed at Ukraine nature, noting that the birds sing in the downtown of the capital of Ukraine, in Kiev)... When you fly over the territory of Ukraine, an involuntary question arises: what does Ukraine nature look like, are there any special features, national parks and nature reserves, which nature lovers could visit? We will try to convince you that Ukraine nature is unique and inimitable.



Climate in Ukraine

What climate conditions in Ukraine should one be prepared for while planning a visit to Ukraine, and which season would be the most suitable for such a visit? First of all, it should be mentioned that the territory of Ukraine is distant from oceans and the equator, and this is the reason why the climate of Ukraine is defined as moderate continental varying from the east to west. Mediterranean subtropical climate zone is typical for the southern region, the southern coast of Crimea.



Ukraіne Landscape

Ukraine is located in the center of Europe (according to the data of Ukrainian scientists, the center of Europe is nearby Carpathian small town Rahov), has very favorable climatic, landscape and natural conditions. It is sure that our ancestors has very carefully chosen the place for creation the settlement which than has turned in the country. A favorable climate of Ukraine, natural resources reserves, steppes with fertile black soil, woods, mountains, seas and rivers... So, let’s start step by step, – Ukrainian landscape.



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