Russіan and Ukraіnіan Language

What is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian languages? – This rather naive question is often heard from the foreigners. Sometimes it is also asked by Slavic nationalities: Poles, Bulgarians, Byelorussians and even Russians. The answer differs; it depends on the level of the dialogue. Sometimes the reply is bare, according to the protocol: Russian and Ukrainian languages have different grammar, phonetics, alphabet, history, origin and so on. Sometime we joke that almost every Ukrainian understands the Russian language, and the majority of the Russians do not understand the Ukrainian language.



Study in Ukraine

Ukraine keeps old traditions of the population education and has a very developed system of education (beginning from the preschool and finishing by postgraduate education).



Relіgіon іn Ukraіne

One more question about Ukraine is religion. Many foreigners think that religion in Ukraine is Orthodoxy. Actually religious life in Ukraine is rather versatile. The information confirming this fact is provided below.

According to the Article 35 of the Constitution of Ukraine every person has a right to freedom of world-view and religion. This right includes freedom to practice any religion in Ukraine or not to practice any, freely personally or collectively conduct religious worship and religious exercises, live religious life.



Stereotypes About Ukraіnіans

What stereotypes about Ukrainians are there in the world? It would be better to ask you hoping to understand what foreigners think about Ukraine and about people living there. Some time ago a son of our partners tried to find out the answer to this question. He has just returned from the USA where he spent a year being a student in an ordinary school in a small town of New York state. Communicating with teachers, students and the family he lived with, he tried to find out what stereotypes about Ukrainians foreigners have.



Ukrainian Cuisine

Is it true that Ukrainians treat a guest like a family member? And that it is a matter of honor for any housewife to receive and feed a guest? When we hear these questions we are very proud of our country. It is the honest truth. Probably exactly the Ukrainian cuisine is a symbol of our nation hospitality. It is our cultural heritage like our language, folklore, faith.



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