Ukrainian hotels and restaurants

And so, have you already bought tickets and packed your baggage? Is your route already defined and are you ready to go travelling? The only thing you need to do is to choose a place to stay and to book a hotel. Here we give you a couple of advices about Ukrainian hotels and restaurants.
Ukrainian hotels, from five-star hotels till hostels and apartments, Ukrainian restaurants of ethnic cuisine.



Visas to Ukraine

The applicable Ukrainian legislation regulates the procedure of the foreigners’ entry to Ukraine, and import or export of valuables to Ukraine and out of it (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine). The visa for foreigners to enter the Ukraine is required depending on the international agreements signed between the countries. You are recommended to contact the consular divisions and embassies of Ukraine abroad if you need to receive the Ukrainian visa.



Transport іn Ukraіne

Of course, everybody, who plans long-distance trip to the unknown country, is interested in the transport and, to be more precise, the travel around the country, especially speaking about visiting some cities or regions.

It is necessary to know the following about transport in Ukraine: there is vary developed transport system which provides communications of big cities of the regional value with nearby small towns and villages, and also communications of the regional centers with the capital and among themselves. In Ukraine we have railway and air transport, steam navigation, numerous bus services, that’s why it’s not a problem to get from one city to another. The only question is: what comfort class you would like to get?



Tips for the Ukrainian roads travellers

In recent years more and more foreigners (as a rule from the European countries) have come to Ukraine in their own cars. It is convenient and advantageous. You can take as many personal things as you wish and they will be at your hand at any time. The tourists are able to visit the most remote parts of the country and enjoy the landscapes and historical monuments of Ukraine. In addition, Ukrainian roads are safe and have rather developed motorway service. There are filling stations with small shops, cafes and restaurants (where you will be offered the dishes that cater to every taste) and modern hotels with the excellent service (they even have deluxe suites) almost at each kilometer of the principal Ukrainian roads. In this article you will find the tips for the Ukrainian roads travellers.



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